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    Random musings/no argument zone

    Why i also call gollum "ood" striking likeness i'm sure you'll agree haha
  2. loubylou

    are qvc running out of presenters?

    Seems all i've seen over the weekend is chloe she appears to have been on loads are they running low on presenters?
  3. loubylou

    new presenter ben

    noticed last few days ben ex hollyoaks brookie and galatv has joined the bid line up wonder if he is permanent or just temporary i think he's ok did used to like him on gala mike prob had a word got him the job lol
  4. loubylou

    knew sally jaxx was a singer never knew she was in the vengaboys lol :P
  5. loubylou

    the bloomin worry angels are back! eek!!!!!!!!!!

    i've been in bed most of the week with flu still not fully recovered watching james gardner yesterday i thought i was hallucinating on my day nurse to my absolute horror what do i see? those bloomin angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought i was safe thought they'd disappeared but up they pop again have...
  6. loubylou

    where's mike?

    tuned in expecting to see my lovely mr mason andy hodgson on instead is he on later does anyone know? or will it be sally as is usual on a weds late?
  7. loubylou

    paul becque on speed auction

    just flicking through channels paul's on speed "well he acts like it" BOOM BOOM! lmao he's on the ch obviously i couldn't resist my joke :) bit odd that isn't it? hope it's not a banning offence what i just said lol
  8. loubylou

    justin's got the massager

    lets see if he does anything with it lol
  9. loubylou

    peter's "monologues"

    you know the daft routine he goes through for about what seems an eternity stupid q i know cos only he could come out with what he does lol but do you think he writes them or has someone help him? lol
  10. loubylou

    Beware the brash!

    she's on bid tomorrow night from 10 just thought i'd do a public service warning lol watch speed auction instead :wink:
  11. loubylou

    bid having problems

    bid having right old problems atm was stuck on a shot of some slimming pants for what seemed like ages and is now on a pre-record least i think it's a pre-record is same as what's on speed
  12. loubylou


    is it me or is howard on a LOT at the moment i rarely watch IW anyway definetly turning off with him on semi permanent ugh!
  13. loubylou

    speed auction saying LIVE when it's not

    not watched much but it says live onscreen when we know it's pre-recorded til the launch tomorrow should they be saying it's live when it's not? just wondering :happy:
  14. loubylou

    OMG paul becque in a kilt!

    OMG what does he look like? he's not even scottish is he? if he is in some way excuse my ignorance
  15. loubylou

    AY on smashbox hour now

    just tuned in to the smashbox show and AY looks like an old woman with that outfit and scarf on she's losing her way stylewise recently maybe we should call in aunty gok to help her out :)

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