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    QVC you are disgraceful at times.

    I've just seen the promo for the Cooks Essential compact oven, rotisserie, breadmaker. How can Q in all good faith sell a product which has such terrible reviews it only scores 1.9! Q should remember what the Q actually stands for. I am truly disgusted by their total lack of respect for their...
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    All these kitchen gadgets

    All these kitchen gadgets we supposedly can't do without. My gran cooked in her own fireplace on an open fire, with a bread oven to the side, plus a primus stove for when the fire wasn't lit. Her food was fabulous and nutritious. She grew all her own fruit and veg too. Yummy and many happy...
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    £14.99 p&p

    Weight to go. Fifteen quid postage. They must be barking mad. Crazy, absolutely crazy.

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