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    19/05/20 One Time Only Prices

    Lloyd, you were only basing your original calculations (which are always fabulous) on what was advertised. QVC have made a massive error and seem to be doing very little about it. They knew they had taken orders before they changed it but did bugger all to sort it out with those customers. They...
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    19/05/20 One Time Only Prices

    It would seem the website had the wrong sizes for this item, the eye cream is correct at 15ml (full size) but the PCONC is 30ml and the PC oil is 5ml 🤔
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    That would be far too sensible Mazza :ROFLMAO:
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    Radley TSV 19/5/20

    What's with the massively wide strap with a tiny bag :unsure:
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    Kim & Co TSV 23/04/20

    These are very strange 🤔🙈
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    Have I read this right?

    It says tough stuff ..
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    Elemis TSV 5/4/20

    Info on the TSV - £62 apparently :-)
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    Travel Solutions TSV 20/03/20

    This was in connection with the Hays luggage TSV last week. There was lots of negative feedback because people weren't able to go on holiday.
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    The Italian Job :p
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    Do you think QVC are going bust?

    Qurate Group Share price has bombed this year :RpS_huh:
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    Big Deals 20/01/2020 to 26/01/2020

    One of the BDs will be an Elemis Superfood 4 piece set with the new Micellar Foam Cleanser, Oil, Exfoliator and probably Day Cream :RpS_biggrin: Yes - another one, and then a TSV in February...........
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    Bareminerals Beauty Gifts TSV 03/11/19

    Piccie of the TSV
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    Elemis TSV 15/9/19

    This was posted in a FB group I am in :mysmilie_12:
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    Nails Inc TSV 09/07/19

    and another
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    Nails Inc TSV 09/07/19

    pics of the TSV from Instagram

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