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    Elemis TSV 11/4/21

    This collection is going to be £66.96 on 5 easy pays 😲 available from Monday 5th 👍
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    Together & Joe Brown Sizing

    You can get larger sizes in Joe Browns at Simply Be :)
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    Elemis TSV 19/03/21

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    Tili Box Launches 9am 30th January

    I don't think the pillow spray is 75ml....
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    Tili Box Launches 9am 30th January Catherine Huntley's "unboxing" video on Instagram 👍
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    Christmas Gift Ideas with Tili TSV 11/11/20

    So underwhelmed, was hoping for a Christmas box 😒🙄
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    Nails Inc TSV 25/08/20

    Me neither 👎
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    Blimey !

    I so agree :) We had our May holiday to Granada in Spain cancelled and have just moved our Tenerife holiday (due in September) to May next year. Really not worth the risk at the moment. Not just the quarantine and against FCO advice, but we could get trapped there if this escalates and all...
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    Elemis TSV 26/7/20

    As far as I am aware this TSV will have the matrix 👍
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    Elemis TSV 26/7/20

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    DF. Live

    Never mind the Covid implications, that is an assault :mad:
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    Decleor Use by / Best Before dates
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    19/05/20 One Time Only Prices

    Lloyd, you were only basing your original calculations (which are always fabulous) on what was advertised. QVC have made a massive error and seem to be doing very little about it. They knew they had taken orders before they changed it but did bugger all to sort it out with those customers. They...
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    19/05/20 One Time Only Prices

    It would seem the website had the wrong sizes for this item, the eye cream is correct at 15ml (full size) but the PCONC is 30ml and the PC oil is 5ml 🤔
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    That would be far too sensible Mazza :ROFLMAO:

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