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    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you're just how I imagined you Mrs M:D
    I love those genuine moments when you really do laugh out loud - thanks MrsM! :)

    Sara x
    mrsm ......... aawww , thanks so much for that picture , oh god that was so funny ,onest , i really had to laugh at that ,she was a big girl or boy !!!!!!!!!! wasnt she , that was so funny, LOL

    thanks anyway , i hope your ok ,have a great day ,love from karina ,xxxxx

    ohhh and by the way that funny lookin chappy down below , talk about sexy ,
    hes a strang lookin fella aint he, LOL , so funny eh ,
    Awww....thanks :p.
    Glad you didn't pick the one that shows my cellulite :eek:.

    Oh btw, here's that pic of your boyfriend you were looking for :D;

    Right MrsM! How exactly did you manage to get your signature showing on the forum - I've messed around with mine for ages now. It shows on preview (in my CP) so all appears to be well but it will NOT show up on the forum - tearing my hair out here! LOL

    Sara x
    hi there chritine how are you thanks for the note,
    weve found each other again great ,

    lots of love from karina xxxxxxxxxx
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