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    Not impressed...

    Not impressed with Gem Collector! A few days ago I ordered a loose aaa tanzanite and a tiny paraiba tourmaline from the website. The order went through fine, but then I get an email telling me the tanzanite is not available. I phone them - hoping to choose a different stone - to be told that...
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    My first order

    Just placed first ever order with Gems. Xmas present to self. Feeling trepidatious as I've seen so many negative comments lately! Tried to order on web but my browser crashed so I had to phone them - hopefully they've put things right but time will tell! I've ordered a lot from TJC in the past...
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    Morganite Quartz - thoughts?

    Just seeing if I can add bigger images...
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    Morganite Quartz - thoughts?

    So the rings arrived this morning and I'm very delighted with them. Both stones are approx 6 carats - the round one is set in rose gold overlay (I love rose gold so I hope the overlay doesn't rub off!) but I will admit the silver band could do with being thicker - something this thin, you'd...
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    Morganite Quartz - thoughts?

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted in ages cos (having spent WAAAY too much when I first discovered TJC) I had to do some severe belt-tightening and I've have bought nothing from them in over a year (and that was only a £10 Elanza ring). Let's face it, I really don't need anything else and I've been...
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    Topaz - is it me, or TJC?

    Am I going nuts? Or have TJC started describing pale blue topaz, that I've previously seen called sky blue or baby blue, as SWISS blue? To me, Swiss blue topaz is a really vibrant, rich colour. I have a ring and pendant (bought from TJC a couple of years ago), that I absolutely love, to prove...
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    Ammolite - yum or yuk?

    What do you all think of the new Ammolite items? I have seen this stuff in Canada (I think that's where it comes from) and thought it looked like the bastard love child of boulder opal and mother-of pearl. I've also seen it on QVC (I think) and could not believe the prices they were asking for...
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    Rhapsody dilemma - I need your advice!

    Hi all, I haven't posted for ages because a) been under the weather with a stupid (ie annoying but non life-threatening) health problem and then b) I lost my password! Duh. But I still follow the posts and it's good to be back! Anyway, I would really appreciate your advice... I've been lusting...
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    Woo Hoo! Look look look!

    Take a look at this, ladies and gents! I feel like a proud parent! Here's the 4ct loose tanzanite I bought from tjc back in June finally set into a ring! After speaking to various jewellers in the Jewellery Quarter in Brum, I found one who inspired confidence, and he's created this lovely...
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    Ruby Mayoral Chain

    Did anyone see the GIGANTIC ruby necklace they showed a couple of nights ago? It was vast... at least 250 carats of ruby, each stone around 13 carats in size (if I remember right) and surrounded by diamonds... it was just insanely over the top. They had a similar one in kunzite, too. I didn't...
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    I'm so in love...

    ... with tjc's range of silver + platinum clad silver bracelets! What do you all think of them and what have you bought? My 'birthday pressie to myself' last month was a green apatite and tanzanite bracelet (£49) that I absolutely LOVE. It looks fantasic alongside my swiss blue topaz ring...
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    Did anyone see Pirineu Tourmaline?

    Did anyone see/ buy the much-advertised Pirineu Tourmaline? I missed whatever show it was on. I haven't seen them selling any since, nor have I seen any comments about it here. Was it any good, or was it another hype? Just curious! :thinking2:
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    Yay, it's here!

    This is the first time I've tried to upload an image... let's see if it works...
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    Yay, it's here!

    :grin::grin::grin: Yes, my 4ct tanzanite stone has arrived! It was here when we got back from our trip and I actually made myself do chores like tidying up and putting the washing through before I opened it!!! Not really super-human self-restraint - I just wanted to open it in a calm fashion...
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    I've done it!

    Quite excited here. I've done it - I've ordered what I hope will be my dream Tanzanite stone from TJC! I watch on Freeview and (since I can't sit watching all morning) what I usually do is tape it, then fast forward through it later. (It stops me making impulsive buys, too!) So last night I was...

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