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  • Hi hun
    Hope you are having a fab weekend, I am, alot of jewellery arrived yesterday and my bank balance is groaning like made lol
    Are you still playing that game? Got square eyes yet or sore, blistered hands?
    I am here feeding the squirrels and pampering my cats so really enjoying my weekend.

    Take care hun
    love Yazrose xxxxxx
    Hi SCW

    Just to say hi and hope you are ok xxx Love all the bargains you are posring thanks xxxLove Dazzler! xxx
    I'm not sure if you're interested but Keane are on BBC6 at 5 with 3 tracks from the new album-the new single seems to already be on youtube!!
    Hi Ian, thanks for the album chart, I've just read it-wow, I heard of an album before it reached No1-that's a first for me!!! How are you getting on with The Script, do you like them?
    Just a wee meassage to say hi to a new friend, how are you this afternoon?. Very much enjoyed chatting to you the other night. Speak soon Lesley xxxx
    Anni we are not allowed to mention it but i have asked her if i can give you her email address so you can keep in contact with her so when she says yes i`l let you know her email address
    Thanks SCW, Yes I did mean J****. Have I said something wrong as the thread I started has suddenly gone. Anyway why did she leave any idea SCW.

    Hi Ian, it's the OneRepublic and Keane fan again!! Apparently Virgin radio have just played a Keane track and said the new single is due out early August. I know you were keeping an eye out for the album for me (due early November) so I thought I'd let you know!
    You have good taste in Music SCW xxxx Hope you are having a good day so far. Love Dazzler! xxx
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