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    Hi Scw, Hope you are ok xxx Just playing some tunes tonight, I love R and B music, so hubby is cutting some cds! lots of Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi SCW - just a little note - hope you don't mind but I thought it would be fun to reprise the music thread you did some months ago on the old forum - What was No 1 when you were born - I have said, of course, that it was your idea originally! :) If you have any probs with it - shout and I'll get it taken down.

    Sara x
    HI SCW,

    Just passing by to say hello, hope you are ok and enjoying the lovely Sunshine I love it, it makes my jewellery and the OPI Bright nail Polish shine!!!! Take care Love Dazzler! xxxxx
    Hi! I noticed that you are a friend of Jools, i became a friend of hers the other day and now notice that I cnnot find any trace of her again. Can you tell me if she has left again? Thanks! ps. I enjoy reading all your posts too!!
    Ian can you post my BB nomonations till I get my VIP thing back please
    Darnell 6
    Becks 5
    Mohammed 5
    Thanks for the request and all your support Ian xxxxxxxxxxxx
    (If you click view discussion and reply I get the reply on my page honey xxxxxxx)
    lol yeah i know how to do it

    i would just think its not my posts and it would take me a long time to get used to having one lol
    Well I think you should have one, and a snazzy one at that......... Do you know how to do it, if not, I know a couple of helpful people to do it for you.
    Love Patsy. xxxxxxxx
    P.S. I could have swore you had an Avatar.... good thing I didn',lol
    Good Morning Friend, I thank you for all the info you give us and welcome you as a friend. What's happened to your Avatar.? Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Patsy . xxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks for accepting my Friends Request. Always appreciate your "finds" on QVC by the way as well as your other knowledge! Chris xx
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