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    I never know if this thing works! Hello to you too!
    Yeah Tabs - Angelic lol! Fuuny how they need something to hold the halos up though!
    Hi yorkie,think I've found the 'secret place':D
    I got the pink topaz ring today,you'll be so pleased that you got bullied into bidding:)
    Have a good day,hun

    see ya later xxx
    Hey Tabs saw this and thought of you and me!!

    On second thoughts though maybe this one's more like it!

    Awww thanks Tabs. I'm having withdrawal symptoms just thinking about missing it!
    Have fun xx
    Hi again Tabs, apologies for the delayed reply. Had to drag myself out in the rain to do some food shopping.......! Sorry about to hear about OH's return but at least the SQ turned out to be a good 'un. And hopefully you also got something nice from your delivery.

    I had 3 rings, one was a trilogy of Flamingo Topaz (all 7x5) and it was far too big on my hand, tho the design looked nice on the telly. I also tried a Zultanite for the first time but wasn't bowled over with the colour on this one, and no colour change to speak of.

    Finally I got a Patroke Kunzite, snatched in the PK specials last Sunday. In white gold, the stone was lovely and sparkled so well, but the accent diamonds let it down by the way they were set. For that amount of money you have to be 110% of something and I was only 95%! :rolleyes:

    I've also got my eye on one two things from CR, I haven't ordered from them as yet. But it would be really helpful if they offered another 10% discount, I didn't take advantage of the earlier ones. Do you think we could all petition for one on their forum? :D

    S xx
    Hi Tabs, just saw your post and it sounds that after all that delay etc you had a rather disappointing delivery. All mine are going back as well, not really because of problems but just not 100% thrilled with all of them! :eek:
    Great Tabs xxx Take care xxx Love Dazzler! xx
    Hi Tabs! I'm fine thank you! Haven't bought anything for ages .... not even tempted until Saturday when a PT ring ring fell into my basket but I've ditched it ..... too big and too much money!! Besides it's getting very crowded on the ol' wagon and I don't want to lose my padded seat!
    We are doing a try out to Newark this weekend we have found it invaluable up to now its good dont want an all singing and dancing one it gets us from A-B thats all we want lol
    Hi Tabs not too bad how are you, how are you getting on with the sat nav lol or have you sent it back lol we have decided to keep it its ok and is doing its job so we're happy with it. Have a lovely day Sue xx
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