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    Sewing Quarter Closing Down

    The censorship and deceit continues on their Facebook...
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    Sewing Quarter Closing Down

    Staff and suppliers were informed a couple of weeks ago that the channel will go off air just before Christmas :sad:
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    Gemporia USA Closing

    First Steve sells off Jewellery Maker and now he's closing down the USA channel. What next... :confused:
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    Repeats Repeats Repeats

    Barbara Grey was labelled the Queen of Crafts by HOCHANDA... more like the Queen of Repeats. She's getting 'groovi' again with Lee Clark this morning, although at least when he said "it's Sunday morning" it actually was unlike when it was repeated yesterday (Saturday). Wouldn't mind but the...
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    Ho... Dear

    Oh HOCHANDA... It is absolutely dire and more amateur than the majority of the local TV channels that have launched... loved The Craft Channel wishing them luck on Facebook, they must have been laughing their asses off when it went on air yesterday - certainly showed them how NOT to do it next...
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    Swan Curry Station and Chapati Maker

    Crikey, don't order this from HOCHANDA at £39.99 + £2.95 P&P... £10 cheaper from a more reputable retailer IWOT. Plus FREE postage! Not to mention, everything else in the hour is available cheaper elsewhere. :mysmilie_46:
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    Dawn Bibby... joining The Craft Channel. Leonie joining Hochanda. :mysmilie_495:
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    Apple Mac Mini

    They appear to have a good deal on the Apple Mac Mini - £379, priced £399 elsewhere, with Equal World having a better spec. Can't work out if maybe they have an old model? Sadly that is the praise over... the product has been ruined by a terrible presentation by Nick Davies. The more I watch...
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    "NEVER see this price again"

    "NEVER see this price again" They said that all through the 'Mega Make Way for 2015 Clearance' - now this morning back to creation and they're "matching" mega make way prices. But don't worry they will "never do that sort of price per carat on a piece that's not in a clearance" - there not...
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    Come on Steve / Craig / Mr Branson

    This live output is dire so far... The product range is just naff so no wonder many rising auctions are closing at £1. Who is the presenter, a volunteer? She doesn't even understand their own auction format, if the bid needed closes at £1 and the quantity was 2, 2 people have not purchased the...
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    Live Auction Preview

    Surprised no one talking about today's live auction preview with Vicky Burton & Steve Bennett. It revealed some tit bits: Craig (Vicky's husband) is the MD of the channel, this combo do get around - they went off to setup Rocks & Co, then headed up Rocks TV and now onto Equal World. They'll...
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    Launched too early?

    I ask the question as they seem to have launched with a smaller production selection than Ideal World with items repeating in only their second hour on air. No mention of when they are live, appear to have no products which have been donated and only sloppy verbal mentions of how much money...
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    The Outlet Advertiser (Channel) - that lasted long...

    The fantasy that was Jewellery Outlet TV... The Outlet website has been taken down and customer complaints are appearing on the Facebook...
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    The Outlet Advertiser (Channel) - that lasted long...

    Posted on their Facebook page: Oh yes, that sounds like an outfit who had 19 people on the phone ordering at one single point and took over 200 calls in their first hour on air. A great move that will no doubt inspire confidence in viewers... :mysmilie_61: Poor Lisa Brash, I wonder if she...
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    Was she not suppose to be on screen today, looks like she's just rolled up pre-show! Although it helps break up the monotony of the old beauty queen this week...

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