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    Anton is judging not dancing which is a shame because I would love to see Del Boy being dragged across the floor like Ann Widdecombe was or being lowered from the ceiling by a hoist.
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    My middle name is ............

    I used to buy multi packs of Sloggi Tai knickers usually from my local Debenhams store which has now long gone. They were indestructible and I have some which are years old and still in good nick but recent Sloggis I`ve bought have been thinner fabric, less supportive and haven`t washed nowhere...
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    My middle name is ............

    First perfume I ever had as a young girl was Avon Pretty peach. My Mum`s friend sold Avon and my Mum was very loyal to her and seemed to buy something from every catalogue. As I grew older I fell in love with Avon Rapture perfume which came in cream formula in a jar. I no longer have a bath...
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    My middle name is ............

    Coty L`Aimant creme perfume in the little black bottle with the dabber. Only the liquid spray stuff now made and the creme one smelled so much nicer. Rochas Femme now smells like curry to me, horrible ! For some strange reason I seem to be struggling to find jars of tartare sauce lately and...
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    sizing Frank Usher

    By all accounts they took it over in 2011 so quite a while ago now. Same owners, same company address
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    sizing Frank Usher

    Frank Usher brand is owned by Roman Originals. The Christodoulou family.
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    Jolie Muse candles

    I recently bought a couple of these reduced to £7.21. They arrive gift boxed and are quite large candles. Only the 2 fragrances below are at the reduced price and I`ve no idea how long for. I burned the lavender one last night and it smelled lovely and burned evenly. I haven`t opened the other...
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    Kuhn Rikon TSV 15/08/22

    I simply can`t be doing with all the run up to Christmas hype and the way shops, TV ads and websites try to get everybody into panic mode because there`s only X shopping days left until Christmas day. In fact from Christmas day to the next Christmas day there`s 364 shopping days and I prefer to...
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    Chloe’s new baby.

    IVF is a wonderful thing. My niece and her husband were desperate for a child. They`d been together 10 years before they finally married, bought a home together during that time, had good jobs and they felt the one thing missing was a family. Try as they might it didn`t happen and they...
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    Chloe’s new baby.

    Ask my DIL if she agrees with that statement seeing as her Dad sexually abused her as a child and when her Mother eventually found out she tried to kill herself because she thought it was her fault for not noticing what was happening. Yes there are lots of good Fathers much the same as there...
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    Ruth Langsford TSV 20/08/22

    I`ve no idea how anybody can find camouflage patterned clothing nice ? Years ago there used to be Army and Navy stores which sold ex Military surplus. No idea if they still exist anywhere ? Anyway the shop always smelled of sweaty feet and BO and the one in my then home town just had everything...
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    Chloe’s new baby.

    It`s the quality of the parenting and not the gender of the parents which is important. This little boy will grow up with 2 loving Mothers and I daresay he will also have loving grandfathers, uncles, cousins etc who will become the male relationships in his life. My next door neighbour is 26...
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    Who’s going to the Feeling Fabulous With Ruth???

    The quality of peoples diets these days leaves a lot to be desired. Don`t get me wrong, I can love a takeaway curry now and again or a meal in a nice restaurant but they`re rare treats and I tend to cook most nights. Mr V works as a part time taxi driver and loses count of how many Mums with...
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    Who’s going to the Feeling Fabulous With Ruth???

    I`m the same and have a broad back (42) but only need a small cup size. I`ve had a few bras from this website , they do some well known brands and there are some good prices as well as higher priced bras. The last one I got was a Naturana brand and very comfortable. Worth having a browse...
  15. Vienna

    Hotel Chocolat TSV 22/07/22

    I`d thank nobody for a box of chocolates. My inner child loves smarties, Cadbury buttons, Maltesers and the more grown up option of dark choccy mint creams.

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