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    Hi Ingers,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you only good things for the New Year.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Ingers,
    Just stopping by to say thanks so much for posting on the thread about me and passing on your best wishes - much appreciated.
    I hope that you and yours are okay and that life is being kind to you right now.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Alladin, thanks for the friends invite. I hope you will be able to get on the forum a little bit more than you have done recently. I've not been around for a while either, due to one thing and another.
    Love Aries. x x x
    Alladin, I couldn't wish for a better friend. Thank you for all your kindness and caring, I hope 2009 brings you nothing but happiness. xxx
    Hi Ingers,
    All the very best for 2009. Hope it turns out to be a good one for you.
    Lots of love,
    Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Love ya right back you crazy cow - I hope 2009 brings you, Ed and the rest of the clan everything you could wish for xxx

    Ingrid, I love you. Enough said. We've been friends many many years, long before ST and we will be together many many more MWAH xxxxxxxx
    You are very welcome!!!!
    Here is to 2009 being a happy and healthy year for both of us!!!
    Shopping............woohooooo!!!!!! xxx
    Dear Ingers,I hope you & the family enjoy a wonderful 2009,you deserve it.
    Love Margaret xxx

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