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  • Been a while, hope you are keeping well.

    Alupha a.k.a. RainbowUnicorn a.k.a AC
    Hello There Maggie hun,

    I've come on to ST to see if you are ok!??,
    I've been very concerned at the fact i've not heard from you for months and months now!, do you still have the same email address? [email protected]?, as I've emailed quite a few times too.
    I was also wondering if you got my Christmas card I posted?

    Please do get in touch I think of you often..incase you no longer have them, my email addressess are [email protected] aswell as [email protected]

    Hoping to hear from you very soon.

    Myra (Mirabelle) xxx
    Hi Maggie. Just wanted to wish you a better Christmas than last year! Hope you're well Poppet. xxx Nessie
    Hi Maggie
    I thought I'd sent you a message but there's no record oops !!!!!!! Just hope this gets to you I really am hopeless with the computer !!!!!
    will write later as I've a man coming round to do some work (when he gets here!)

    cya later Yvonne xx
    Hi Argey Hope your keeping well ? haven't seen your name for a while just calling to say hello !!
    Hi Argey !!!!
    so you live near Ealing , my brother lives in chiswick near Grove Park and my daughter has just moved down there too, she's soon moving into
    Ravenscourt next time I'm there I'll give you a shout !!!!! xxxx Yvonne
    Hope you're okay Maggie, am looking forward to your return. Forum just ain't the same without our lovely absent friends. :redface: Hope any recent bling buys were good'uns. Love and best wishes.
    Pamela xxxxx
    Maggie, I'm not around much these days, though I've been toolting around betimes to see if you're safely returned and I am SO PLEASED to find you out of hospital and back where you are truly appreciated. That was a long stay and I just hope you really have got some benefit of it. Glad to have you back, much love M
    Hi Maggie, just to re-iterate in as you may not have noticed my post in your thread in the Drop....good to hear that you're back home and being well cared for. We've missed you greatly on here and were very sorry to hear that you had to spend Xmas and much longer in hospital. Take care xxxxxxx
    Hi Maggie

    With best wishes for a happy and peaceful Yuletide
    Pamela xxxxxxxxx
    ah, you wee minx. I trust you are still keeping the NHS in a state of extreme nervous tension? I can't manage it all by myself, you know...
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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