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    hi Argey,
    Yes, I remember you poppet!
    Thanks for the kind words on the welcome back, much appreciated.
    I hope that you are okay and that life is being kind to you right now.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Argey, I've just read your post on Lorraine's thread. It's moved me to tears as a lot of what you said holds particular relevance to me at the moment. It was eloquent yet forthright and I thank you for the positive feeling it has given me.
    Yer mate lol. I've been a member for a little while but never really used ST but it might be preferable to Rocks chat sometimes. Hope you are alright Hun, I back to work tomorow. Gonna be run off me plates cos we got 35 in, Phew!! Not sure how this site works, if I've done it right you should get this message. lol. I gonna have a sniff round Rocks now for a while.
    Hello Argey,

    Haven't been panicking at all, I know you can't just pop down the High Street.
    To tell the truth I do internet banking too.
    I could redo the payment via Internet if you'd like and you rip up the other one?
    Will leave it to you to decide.

    We had a fab Christmas thank you, quiet until JJ arrived about 7 p.m. then he chatted for two days non stop except for when sleeping.
    On Boxing Day he turned to me and said 'You a superstar Nanna', awwwww, could eat him all up. They went home about tea time on Friday and boy was it quiet after that.

    How was your Christmas, not too painful I hope?

    Bye bye for now,

    Jan x
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