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    hi Argy i know you are a font of knowledge can you tell me how i can get the smilies on here to work i can do the ten or so that are there to begin with but when i press more it takes ages to load then the whole screen goes bizerk am i the only one with this prob i have mailed Graham but just dont seem to get an answer thanks

    Hi Maggie, just dropping by to see how you are? I havent been around very much lately but you've been in my thoughts.
    love and hugs xxxx
    Now, now Heather, not like you to avoid confrontations, in Meesh's absence I expect you to grow a pair and fight the good fight. (Failing that you can join me in the hedge...).
    Hi Argey! Flappy New Year and I hope it's a good one for ya! We had snow last night ooer....I'm going *nowhere*! lots of love and I hope everything's okay :))
    Sorry Maggie I forget that you probably can't see my homepage and so have with great pleasure sent you a friendship request. Will be most honoured if you decide to accept.
    P xxxx
    Hi Maggie, our lovely Meesh has just left the forum, expect you know that by now. Any ideas how we can get her back again?

    Pamela xxx
    Hi Argey
    I just wanted to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and i wish you better health for 2010
    Dawn xxxxxxxxxx
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