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  • Argey! I'm posting from the middle of the Atlantic... these winds are blimmin' strong!
    Have you got wind? Arf! ;-))
    Hello, Argey, been feeling a bit cut off with the ST site being down... was worried what you might have been up to without me to keep an eye on you..... behaving yourself, I hope?
    Hey Maggie-Moops,
    Hope your hopping practice is coming along well. thinking of you, toots.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Gawd...I just sent your message to myself.....
    Have a nice wind-free weekend - it's blowing a hooly here xxx
    Hello you doing. Thinking of ya, hope you have a good weekend.
    Hugs xxx
    Waddya mean!!? I'm auditioning for the X-Factor next year and just thought I could practise my Gloria Gaynor stuff on yer. Some people ain't got no taste.... tut..

    If you ever get fed-up, Argey, I'll come round and sing to you!

    Think Twonk Twins on a bad day.... :))
    La la la ......
    Lol! We've got a huge storm coming in tonight so I reckon if anyone makes it to the door they'll deserve a medal - let alone a toffee! xxxx
    So glad to hear you are over the worst now and hope you continue to improve, we take our health for granted dont we....I know i do and expect too much of myself at times.

    Do you have family that pop by to check on you from time to time, not that im saying your incapable lol

    Ellen :flower::flower: xx
    I'm sorry things aren't so good with your Ma Ellen, it does indeed sound like her medication may need looking at. I agree with you though, when you're not a doc or have any medical knowledge it's a minefield as we have little choice but to trust our medics.

    Myself, I'm fine thanks and keeping out of trouble for the moment. Struggling a bit with sleepiness the last couple of weeks due to my own meds but the antibiotics which I think are the main culprit are finished tomorrow. So another few days after that and it should be a case of look out world - lol. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Maggie,

    mum is a worry these days, she just sits and stares either into space or at us, for what seems like an eternity. Me and my sis are going to have to visit the doc with her, its not on anymore, she has aged very quickly over the past year. I have felt for a long time that she is on far too much meds but hey im not a doc!!!!

    Enough about my are keeping, hope your staying out of trouble???

    Ellen xx
    Hi Argey,

    Ive just dropped by to say hello and how nice it is to see you are back in the madhouse, its not the same without all your smiley people lol

    love and hugs
    Ellen xx

    Lol! STC's answer to Robbie Williams! We're pretty dry down here....sssshhh!
    Glad you'll soon be, ahem, normal :)
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