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  • Hi Chris, no worries I just wasn't sure if I was posting on here right or not because it all looks different either that or its because I've not posted on here in such a long time I've forgotten what it did look like lol. I just wanted to checked that you had received my e-mail because I was sure your e-mail was different to the last one I used and I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you.

    We are all doing ok here, hope all is are well with you,Colin and family.

    Dee xxx
    Hi Chris, just popped on here because I've not been on here and posted in such a long time, it looks quite different now. popping by while I am here to see how you are? I don't know if you got my e-mail I sent that was back in Jan because I think I have different e-mail addy's for you?

    Hope to catch up soon
    Dee xx
    Hiya Chris & thank you for the birthday wishes xx
    Had a lovely day with the family & loads of pressies.
    Grandchildren are indeed getting big,Alannah will be 9 in Dec,Lucas is 19 months & going to have a new brother or sister in Dec & baby Jake is 13 months.
    Where does the time go?

    I hope you & the family are all keeping well

    Love Margaret xxxxxx
    Hi Chris
    Thanks for my birthday wishes ..yeah am the big 40 lol not happy lol had a fab birthday hubby took me to London to see Wizard of Oz ..never been to a show deffo wont be my last :)
    Sorry to hear lifes a bit hectic happens like that sometimes its either quite on the westen front or hectic xxx My eldest left school last month ..where does the time go lol he starts college in Sept doing a computer course ...
    Dont really come on here often just not the same and i feel out the loop now .. Hows Family ?? hope Colin is ok x Got 10 weeks to my first Cruise am so excited going with Royal Carribean Italian Med so looking forward to it ..its just me hubby and youngest going eldest didnt want to come ( why are kids so selfish :( ) but to be honest last year in Florida he was a mardy bum lol
    Take care Chris and give my love to Colin and family xxxxx
    Hi Chris

    Hope all is well with you. I wonder if you could let me have Yo's email address please? I'm so sad that she's left the forum but I'd still like to keep in touch and it would be easier to email her than to use snailmail. I can't believe that that person has been allowed to upset someone so badly again. The offending thread seems to have been removed now, I wonder why!!!!

    Big sloppy kiss for Maisie from me please.
    lots of love
    Thanks very much Chris for your lovely birthday message. You are indeed a very kind Lady. Hope you and yours are keeping well and enjoy a carefree summer... but not too hot please LOL. XXX

    haha was just about to message u with the news that fingers crossed the house sale is going through! and no chain either end so could be 6 weeks(ish)..i'm eyeing up cars everywhere i go! will hav to think about upgrading to 2 bedrooms too so harry can stay at weekends if he's home. he doesnt wanna go to warrington cos his G/Fs here...hope you've rescued LSC from the shower (and kissed him better oops!) xxx
    hi lovely,
    just read on FB QVC page that crabtree & evelyn r coming this month...seem to remember u like them xx
    hope u enjoyed ur break and didnt wear LSC out! i've been busy too-ing and fro-ing between mine and Blunty's gaff! xxx
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for thinking of me. I was tucked up in bed with a thumping headache and aching bones when you wrote your message last night! Feeling a lot better today thankfully. Not been about as much forum-wise just lately. Will email for a catch up soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Me again,
    Unfortunately, I've become ill in quite a dramatic way, and am waiting for an ambulance to take me somewhere or other, gawd knows.
    Have left a message for Fi and G, too, so thought i'd better update my earlier missive to you, just in case I'm absent for a wee while.
    Oh, matron, it 'urts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Chris,
    Have been at Christie's most of today and they are horrified at the state of me following the tests done elsewhere. I've had a blood transfusion and am now on pretty powerful antibiotics in order to try to kill off the infection I've been left with in the bowel. The fear is that an impaction has been caused, or some small perforation which is leaking toxins into my system. I'll be having a scan there at the end of the week, and then we'll take any treatment from that point. Honestly, what a mess. I'm flooped off with it all.
    Hope you're okay.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hi chris,
    all moved in but not very settled...gonna take some gettin used to. no sofa cos it wouldnt fit thru the door so garden chairs it is! will see about sending u some piccies xx
    Hi Chris,
    Thank you, and I shall certainly try my hardest to get any further treatment at Christies. Unfortunately, my surgery is scheduled and will be done elsewhere, but I will not submit to it if I feel that things aren't right. I'm not going to be put through that level of trauma and pain again if I can help it.
    Hope you're okay.
    Much love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Chris,
    Sorry to have disappeared, but unfortunately, my scans and bloods and so on have revealed a progression of illness, and I think I'll probably be tootling off for a while. Anyway, not to worry - at least I'll get some days out and a nice lie down, so it all balances out in the end.
    Take care.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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