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  • Thank you, Carol:bear:
    A very Happy New Year to you too :happy:
    Hope you had a great Christmas.
    I had a bad attack of flu which started on the 20th and still lingers on a bit :sad: But I managed to have a good Christmas. I was to go to a friend on New Year's Eve, I cancelled on the day as I was coughing and the weather was horrid, with thunder, hail and rain. We stayed in and had a good day.
    Thanks Carol, hope you had a good Christmas too?
    I'm a bit ill at the moment, but I had a nice time still :heart:
    Thanks, BM. I agree; the months just fly by these days. Better start working on that Bucket List! Best wishes for 2013.
    Hi Carol:bear: Sorry I have not contacted you earlier. Hope you are keeping well.

    I am really worried about Graham's mental state, he needs medical help, is there anyone who knows him on the forum who could make him seek help? Maybe someone can take the step to show the pictures to his doctor?
    I am fairly new here, even though I have posted a lot, I only joined this year. I am going to post this same message to some others.
    I just don't want to be a "witness " to something nasty and feel that I have not tried to do something:sad:
    Sorry about my inbox being full:sad:. I am only allocated 5 messages, I suppose it is because I am new:thinking: Hope you had a great Easter :up: I have deleted a couple of my messages:clapping:
    Thanks Carol, I moved house on the 3rd so have been busy, plus BT were slow, have missed this place! x
    Happy New Year Carol!
    I hope 2012 is a good one for you & yours.

    Great to read that your Hospital appointment on the 20th had a good result.

    Thank you Carol:mysmilie_508:, and wishing you the same, though belated:clock:
    Hope you had a fun Christmas. I had a very good Xmas and a very good Xmas dinner. We had roast duck with all the trimmings:clapping:
    The only set back was I could not have a "drink" because I was on antibiotics:sad: I did miss my bucks fizz and my Asti (I love Asti )
    Did you have the traditional Christmas dinner? Isn't it "warm" for this festive season:thinking:
    Let me wish you A Very Happy New Year in advance:) (just in case)
    Take care XX
    Honestly, Carol, I hadn't seen your Christmas greeting when I did the "nails" PM. It looks as though telepathy really does exist ;-)

    Thank you, and a Merry Christmas to you too!

    Paddy x
    Happy Christmas to you too Carol. We are having Christmas celebrations tomorrow as my DD has done long shift on the maternity ward today so festivities are a day behind although we had roast yesterday after visiting mums grave and before seeing my sis. I had the ex today for roast but DD didn't want three roasts on the trot, unlike me, I love roasts. The bun has had a very lazy day in front of the fire fighting to keep awake whilst I got on with some craft! Hope you are not overdoing things and Santa brought you a little tinkly bell to call for room service! Very best wishes, love Janet xxx
    Hello BM! Season's Greetings to you (watched the Alan Ayckbourn play the other night of the same name - classic drama!). Was thinking about trying out my new Rio Toning gizmo but hands are not too steady after lunch ha-ha. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and roll on twenty twelve! PS Are you a Visitor now? Linda
    Hi Carol,
    Sorry I haven't managed to get round to answering your pm but it's been a hospitally sort of month, how's that for a new word? and I haven't been about much over the last few weeks.
    Hope you are okay and that the New Year has got off to a good start for you. If not, you are welcome to share my meds...

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