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  • We have similar likes and sitiations, what happened to your white babies?:( our Monty got run over when he was 7 and it broke everyones heart so much, it was such a difficult time. So over the years he has never been forgotten and we replaced him with, Moss, tabby male age 7, Holly female calico same age rescue cat and Ellie now just over 1, rescue cat white and tabby. They are so loved.
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    Hi, sadly lost Gizmo 2 years ago. My beautiful white boy. Was heartbroken. Just started gasping for breath and died. No idea what happened, vet was flummoxed. And now, our ginger little girl is very unwell. Been 5 times to vet, had blood tests and they say all is normal, but she certainly isn't. Laying in a heap and wobbly legs .
    Oh thats awful :(
    HI, just read your post about your mum and I thought thats white cat lady ! you changed your user name and different cats. I wanted to say as well, my MIL broke her hip two weeks ago too, shes in a home too and I just read your post to my hubby, I think he needs to be aware it does happen re covid, his mum is 87 walks well but is fully diabetic.
    We said we wouldn't travel when his mum and dad moved, his dad dying 2 years later of cancer, shes now alone and has no family aroud her so it really irks but we do care and are going up Friday to look after her house. Me and hubby are a family with 2 grown up kids 24, HCA in Mcmillan unit, and two uni students, Sarah Archeaology, Jake is now 20 computer engneering.
    Thing is Alice bought covid from work to us all in April so we know what its all about and me an her got it the worse. I know how horrid it is. So worrying for you Jane. Have to run but you are in my thoughts
    Excuse errors - thats 3 grown up kids lol Alice is the HCA

    Cats! my son is obsessed with them, he says he would have a hundred if he could, he's 10 and has loved them all his little life. Monty is 2 and a half now and looks a lot like your Gizmo and is passionate about his food. Yes he's always out and thus has perminant dirty back legs at the mo, what are they like!

    Cats are lovely and well worth loving.
    Hi there! Just wanted to stop by to say I love your white puss!! I have two of them, all white too, and there is another member on here (Loujareth) with her white 'Monty'! We should start a club, lol Hope yours brings you as much love and enjoyment as my two bring me! Natasha x
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