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  • Hi Marlene,

    Marvellous to see you back posting tonight! I see Puss's plan worked!

    Fi xxx
    Oy Mammy,
    Get yerself back on here where yer bubs can keep an eye on you!

    Well, mammy, I'm broadminded, as you know, and as long as Damianda can cope with my beard, I'll do my best to tolerate his. I must, however, draw the line at baseball caps, we all have our limits...
    Eee, I knew I should have gone to see that old tinker, John Paul, sounds like my kind of chap.
    Yeehaw mammy, Love from yer bubs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hiya mammy,
    I want me money back on this dvd, mammy, it's not what I'd signed up for at all. Frankly, any man who tries to add more lumps to me leg will be dealing with fatal lumps to the head, that's how much me dander's up these days. Woof!
    I'm just getting the goose fat ready for Damianda's chesticles, and we can only hope that it leaves his chest in a similarly hairy state to mine.
    Retirement, eh? That means you'll be able to spend more time on your hobby down the docks, and probably make more money in the process, though what you'll do without yer little charges weeing their kecks, I don't know...though I believe some sailors are similarly inclined.
    Crikey, all these flippin' weddings, still, at least one of them is mine, and I won't want a lot of fuss, so don't let Damianda cause fretfullness on our account. Just a Papal blessing will do for me. from the previous Pope, that is.
    Lots of love from yer lumpy bubs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Funny you should mention celery sticks as that is what I mistook him for... you can have him, far too scrawny for my liking, I'll stick with Toadie... :D
    Hi Marlene,thank you for the good wishes for baby Lucas xxx
    How are you?Don't see you about much these days xx
    Eeeeeee, Mammy, there you are now!
    I hope you and yours have a fabby Christmas too and that this year you manage to stay out of the clutches of the Law....Keep the KVZ activities to a minimum, what?
    Lots of love from yer wee bubs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Marlene

    Many thanks for your Christmas wishes. Hope you and your family have a good one too and that 2010 will bring you good health and happiness.

    Love Chris xxx
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