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    A very Merry Christmas to you too Marlene, and a healthy and happy New Year, take care, Paula xxx
    Hi Marlene,
    Thanks you for your kind birthday wishes. I've had a fabby birthday. Won't need to eat for a week now though. Lunch in town with OH today and an Italian meal this evening too!! Monday isn't a great day for a birthday so OH arranged to have a day off so we could have some time together which was lovely. Much as I love my kids, it was nice to go out just as a couple for a change instead of as "The Brady Bunch!!"
    Hope you are well. Love, Fi xxx
    Hiya mammy,
    Well, here's yer namesake, complete with cheekbones, so I hope that proves suitable for my future mammy-in-law. Who's Jake Elwood, and does he look like Liam?
    Lots of love from yer bubs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Eeee, that Felipe, you're going to have to do summat about him. He wouldn't let me in, said I was too old for his wee Damianda, but that he might change his mind if I listened to his cello concerto in Eeeee flat. Well, flat is right, and I feel Julian Lloyd Webber will have no need to worry.
    Give Damianda the secret code, wrap him in a thermal vest and send him to the Ice Hotel where we will honeymoon in frosty splendour.
    yours unthwarted, Bubs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Exactly...feed him little tidbits of info but keep the best bits up your sleeve..ooerr Mrs, that's novel!!!!! Hehehe...xx
    You could spill some of the beans but still keep some surprises up your sleeve. That way he'll think he knows it all...but he won't..hehe! Just as well you're not a Gemini!!
    I hope that this time Felipe understands the code since last time I ended up engaged to next door's cat...
    Courage mon brave, I'm sure this time we will have a great success. Possibly.
    Awww, is that the lovely wee Piccallilli, ooops, too many llllls there? what a toots!
    Don't talk to me about Port, from now on I shall be an absinthe girl like yerself...
    I'll be over to collect Damianda in an hour or so, just want to put a bit of lippy on for me big date with yer man.
    Lots of love from yer bubs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    For goodness sake! After all your plotting and planning Cunard go and blow it all at the last moment. Time for some fast talking methinks......
    F xxx

    Now then, Mammy, don't be going orff again, except for your jetsetting and ocean going jaunts.
    Lots of love from yer bubs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Cooeee, Marlene.
    I'm so impressed you've managed to keep the hol a secret from OH all this time! Ever thought of joining the secret service??
    Fabby to see you posting again...I've missed having you about.
    Fiona xxx
    Nessarose was the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz so not hanging up my broomstick yet...:D
    Sooooooooo good to see you back. Yo is convalescing for a couple of days but she'll be thrilled to see you back. You are staying... aren't you?
    Hi Marlene

    I've noticed that you don't seem to have been around for some time - hope it's nothing serious and it's just a question of you being busy with so many other things.

    Just wanted to say that I hope you and your family have a very nice Easter. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today, it's very, very warm. Fingers crossed it will stay the same for the rest of the weekend.

    Take care.

    Love Chris xxxxx
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