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    Random musings and general banter.

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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    'Your opinion matters' if it helps our sales figures.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I see they wheeled Gollum out more than once in his Lakeland leather jacket. He really does fancy himself a bit, but he definitely had the look of someone who'd go down a storm on Grindr, which wasn't really what he was aiming for I think. The over-tight T-shirt and trousers, the posing, the...
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Just for you:
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Yes - he could well have had a few 'enhancements'. TV in the US has a very definite 'look' which is expected from their hosts, and he seems to fit the bill now.
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Isn't it just? Perfect teeth, perfect stubble, perfect everything. I mean, he's not a bad looking lad it has to be said, but he's a bit too over-groomed and primped and preened for my liking. You sort of know he can't pass a shiny surface without looking into it.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    "Investments into our trustpilot account" = 'Paid people to write fake reviews to save the company'. Deceitful charlatans.
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    Not beret nice👎

    Mr Craftalot wanted to know who the Indian lady with the hair that didn't move was, because she was vaguely familiar. I couldn't stop laughing.
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    He fancies himself a bit, doesn't he?
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    Think you know qvc?

    The food shows are the one show that I refuse to watch. All the 'ooh-ing and 'ahh-ing and fuss that they make over the obscenely-overpriced food really turns my stomach. When they try and flog a box of biscuits for £25, or a couple of bags of popcorn for £20 it just makes me think they're...
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I counted 16 colours with that tetris screenshot. The Alcatel might struggle with intense graphics like this. Instead, how about: or, at a push:
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    When is DIY coming back on QVC, It doesn't seem to be on as much?

    And they're still going strong!
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    Yong Kim breaks the £200 barrier

    In the 2pm hour, there is an Embossed Dot Zip Through Jacket for £213.95 (including £5.95 P&P). It's 90% polyester. I just don't get it. Has anyone actually bought YK clothes from QVC and considered them good value for money - am I missing something with this overhyped brand? If I were...
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    I'm waiting for Q to break the £200 barrier for a stretchy dress. It'll either be Yong Kim or Join, but which? And how will Ingrid justify pricing something which looks like it had fallen out of the washing basket and been screwed up under the bed for a week? "Investment dressing?" "This...
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    QVC's having a go at Craft...again

    Looks like Anna Griffen is returning with some cardmaking kits at midday tomorrow. I thought QVC had essentially given up on Craft. Seems an odd move to give it another go, particularly at the end of May (hardly a busy time for papercrafters) and being up against not just Create and Craft any...

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