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  • Oh bless - thank you! I've got a Thorntons Special Toffee egg which I started eating about half past nine this morning......... Have a lovely day! xxxx
    hi again,
    Yes I will keep my kit, love the silver eyeshadow and may use your idea of trying the neutral cheek colours as shadows too..smart thinking batman! No more snow here just freezing ice and very slippy. Off for a long soak in the bath to keep warm!
    Take care,
    Carol x
    hi Daisy,
    just wondering how you're getting on with your Mally kit? As I said, I wasn't too impressed but would love to have someone else's opinion on it. Read your post in the "dreams" thread and whatever your ambition/dream is go for it, saddest words in the English language are "if only" IMO.
    Carol xx
    Hello!!! And Happy New Year to you too!! It will bring lots of good things - never fear. I love the sound of your guinea pigs - it's so nice that you let them run about. Frodo's in a strop, I was doing his claws earlier so he's not amused. They were so long - I don't know why he doesn't appreciate my efforts more considering. It's snowed all day today again - I eventually let the girls out about 3pm and they scoffed all the bird food. I've never seen such greedy creatures, honestly. Jolie was trying to eat an M&S cream jam doughnut thing earlier when I was stood at the back door. She's taken to just flying up at you and nicking whatever you have in your hand - what a tea leaf. Did you have the fireworks or was it round about you? I know you had said you were in London - are you close to the centre or are you further out? I'm debating the Decleor TSV but there's a voice in my head saying a) you don't need it and b) you've no money! But it's good value isn't it? Janine xxxxxx
    Hello you!!! That sounds like a hectic household - have you coped okay? I'm very lucky, it's all been very quiet. Now I'm working out if I can actually keep my eyes open until midnight or if I should just give up and go to bed after my M&S tea complete with a nice bottle of wine. How sad am I? I don't like NY - I much prefer Christmas. It's been snowing again so I don't think I will be going back out for a while, thank goodness I'm off for a few days now. I've never seen so much snow as there has been this past week. Frodo is stretched out in his playpen, my tortoise hasn't been awake for about 3 days, and the chickens are depressed with the weather. What a menagerie! Hope you're having a lovely New Year's Eve and are a bit more exciting than I am! And I also wish you the very best for 2010 so it brings you lots of good things. 'Ringo' xxxxxxxx
    Hi Daisy,
    mmm, afraid the jury's out on mine lol! Love the eyeshadow, seems to hold well over primer, but the cheek colours didn't seem to make much impression on me..tried them over my Laura Geller Balance & Brighten and could hardly see the difference! Maybe you're supposed to just use them on bare skin? Not struck on the lipgloss either tbh, oh dear, hope you get on better with yours!
    Let me know, meanwhile all the very best for 2010.
    Carol xx
    A very happy new year to you Daisy. I hope 2010 brings you everything you hope for. xxxx
    Hi Daisy, thanks for your message, I now officially have more Liz earle than the shop in London. Unfortunately i've got a horrible cold and cough so i haven't had a great few days as i feel rotton. I hope you had a fab time, it sounds like you had lots of lovely presents.
    Hello!! I just thought I'd see how you are and if you'd had a nice Christmas? We've been very lazy, eaten a lot and consumed a fair few bottles of wine (as you do!). Done my pilates this morning to try and reduce the after effects! How are you? Janine xxxx
    Oh bless, thank you so much!! It's very kind of you to remember. I'm another year on, probably not really another year wiser (but I can pretend), and I've probably got another wrinkle somewhere that I shan't look too closely for. I'm panicking because the stuff for 'stockings' hasn't arrived, neither has one of the bigger presents, however it will all come out in the wash as they say - no point worrying too much is there? Have a lovely Christmas Daisy - shall I send you a snowman? Janine xxx
    Hi Daisy,thanks for your message. I hope you have a lovely christmas too. As for my sister in law well she has been a pain in the bum for many years now and I am used to it now. Many a time she has had me in tears as old as I am. She is not a bad soul but she just always has to have the last word and be right about everything. I just let her get on with it now rather than trying to argue. I know the parmesan was enough for us all but hey ho. Take care. Lots of love LH.XXXX
    Hi Daisy,
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas and all the very best of wishes for 2010.
    Bags x
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