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    is Carol

    the past few times I have seen Carol on JM notices she is looking a little rounder than usual could it be another baby on the way .
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    Am I alone with my problems?

    hi everyone, wondered how many of you are having major problems with JM. I keep getting emails telling me that my order hasn't been dispatched and when I ring to find out why I am told they couldn't get their money from my debit card. How this happens I do not know as when you place the order...
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    a little logic is needed

    please can you list in writing everything that is in the jewellery kits as not all of us are lucky to have hearing. the presenters speak fast and lip reading is impossible come on it is a common decent thing to do. and is it possible to get some of the presenters to see to their hands and finger...
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    come on jewellery maker

    you really need to list on screen what is in the kits not all viewers are able to hear the presenters voices so come on
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    Julia Roberts

    What has Julia done to her face? she has obviously had some kind of procedure and I sorry Julia think she looks dreadful

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