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  • Hello Carol
    Just popping in to see how you are doing. I hope your arm is healed now. We really should find some time to meet up. when we are both free. How is James doing?
    Helen xxxxx
    Hi Carol
    Sorry for the late reply sweetie.
    I am gald that your arm is healing nicely. Blakemere craft centre is fab. Did you take him into the ballpool place? I cannot remember the name of it but all of my neices and my nephew have been there and loved it (although they are to old or big for it now). Did you see the hawk display? I loved seeing that and the girls were always entranced by it.
    Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather.


    Helen xxxx
    Hi Carol
    How is your arm now? Are you still doing your excerises for it?
    I hope you are having a good Easter.
    How is James doing.


    Helen xxxx
    yes I have Carol and thanks
    sat here and it smells lovely,its the early sunrise one
    having a nice day
    got a big pot of chilli in the oven and about to have a glass of rose wine!!
    am off work til Sunday now
    love Jane xx
    Hi - sorry, have been preoccupied with waiting for our new grandchild to arrive, have now pm'd you and don't worry at all if you have sold elsewhere, serve me right for not concentrating on what I was doing!! with very best wishes!
    Well if im Batman Carol, that must make you Robin, lol.. Glad you're keeping your Mally..
    Enjoy your soak..
    Take care, Debra x
    Hi Carol, thanks a lot for your message, was very thoughtful :)
    About the Mally, I find the lipgloss highly fragranced but ok, it seems more accurate having a brush applicator rather than a sponge one.. Like the eyeshadow.. Haven't really experimented with the shimmer shape & glow system, though the pink blusher is good.. If I don't use the shimmer & shape actually with the blusher, am going to use them as eyeshadows, they are lovely neutral shades & should work well on the eyes.. The brushes are ok, have shed slightly, but most do.. I will keep it Carol & if I had to pick 1 thing I like the least, would say the lipgloss.. Do you think you'll send your one back?
    I think we are in for more snow here, its been freezing here today:mysmilie_11:
    Hi Fairynuff, just popped in to say that my Mally Discovery Set arrived today & im so impressed with it.. The colours are fab, love the magnetic closures on the packaging.. Brushes are sweet.. Lipgloss looks lovely and the box it all comes in looks fab.. Hope you've been happy with your set.. Its my 1st Mally set & am really excited, lol.. :)
    Happy New Year :mysmilie_1766:
    Hi Carol,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you only good things in 2010.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Carol

    Thanks for your Christmas wishes, etc. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time too, especially with little James. Also, I hope the healing process is going well with your shoulder and that 2010 will be a much better year for you.

    Chris x
    Ho Carol

    How is the physio going?
    It is nearly James 1st birthday, have you got lots of presents yet? Will he be having a small party?
    Hi Carol,
    Wishing you a brill Christmas & New Year too! Just want to sit down & enjoy it all a bit now, been rushing around like a mad thing, started off well but then it all kinda fell apart........as usual! never mind, I did me best! lol
    Jane (kitten) xx
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