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    Something really for nothing

    managed to order 2 just now!!
  2. Finsnan


    Vente-Privee have Birkenstocks in their sale from tomrrow, if anyone is interested.
  3. Finsnan

    P &P and Delivery.

    I ordered 2 different Liz Claibourne dresses the other day. P & P for each dress was £3.95 which I thought was OK, then got the dispatch email and 1 is coming with Hermes and the other is coming Royal Mail. There is no rhyme or reason to their madness.:mysmilie_10:
  4. Finsnan italy

    I am probably a bit slow hear, but how long has italy been showing on bank statements when you make a payment or get a refund? I have just been checking my statement for a refund, so it may have been quite a while!!
  5. Finsnan

    A bit cross but saved £1.75...

    Was checking the what items had been in the morning show earlier when I noticed the Birkenstock Betula Eva, so checked the colours because I had cancelled a pair of grey on Wednesday because I thought they wouldn't have any more in this late in the season, but lo and behold they must have had...
  6. Finsnan

    Laundry outerwear by Shelli Segal

    Anyone know what this might be? I thought clothes you wear to hang out the laundry lol!!:giggle::giggle: Forgot its on at 10.00 tomorrow morning.
  7. Finsnan


    I have just had an email from QVC to say they are changing the format of email notifications and while this is being done they will not be able to send any emails out. Don't know any other company that do this, surely this is not good practice.
  8. Finsnan

    Christmas in July.

    Christmas in July has been extended this year, we have 2 days this year, Woohoo can't wait, not!!
  9. Finsnan

    Lorraine Winslade...

    is going to be on Ideal World in January, according to her update on Twitter.
  10. Finsnan

    Kim & Co

    Qvc must have loads of Kim & Co to get rid of. They had 3 hours of outlet yesterday and another 4 today. Says a lot about how her range is selling these days, they must be having a clearout before her TSV on 2nd August!!
  11. Finsnan


    Anyone had lifestride shoes, are they true to size? Just ordered some from the £10 section.
  12. Finsnan

    Great pig of the day!!

    Will have to get one of these for OH for his birthday!! Do you think he would like it lol!!
  13. Finsnan

    Got my SBC TSV...

    at 10am this morning, couldn't believe it. My courier said a lot of companies are getting faster with deliveries except........... Ideal World!!
  14. Finsnan

    New products!!!

    Ideal world have a new programme on tomorrow at 8pm!! (Fireworks). Not seen them sell these before!! If you order you might get them for Nov 5th next year!!

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