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  • All done! Have a look in the congratulations section of the Drop.

    I am SOOOOOO happy for you Dawn. Having a baby is the biggest gift EVER. I promise you, it just gets better.

    I can't wait to see the photos - hint hint! xxx
    Dawn - I forgot to ask - would you mind if I shared your wonderful news (birth date, weight and first name only) with the forum in the Congratulations section? I'm sure your forum buddies would love to know. However, I appreciate you may want your privacy so will understand if you don't want me to! xxx
    Oh Dawn what absolutely SUPERB news! Very many congratulations to you and hubby and also a big hug and welcome from Auntie Meesh. You've been in my thoughts and I have to say I was getting quite anxious but I'm so pleased all went well. Now then Mummy, you need to get your strength and take it easy. Make sure you do loads of sofa surfing and cconcentrate on getting Morgan (cool name) into a routine. I don't know if you've read the book "Contented Baby" or something like that by Gina Ford? It was invaluable to me. I got Katya into a routine almost from birth and it was the best thing I ever did. It took the stress out of thinking "is she crying because .....?" cos generally I knew!

    I am absolutely delighted for you and can't wait to see photos. Sending you all huge hugs and many many many congratulations. M xxx
    Awwww I was going to send you a message tomorrow but I guess it would have been too late! Doh! Didn't think of that!

    I'll be thinking of you. Just think, tomorrow you'll be a Mummy! There's no better feeling Dawn. I know you're nervous but just concentrate on the positives - the end result.

    Good luck and please please please, share your good news as soon as you feel able won't you?

    Meesh xxx
    Actually I'm surprised at how much I like it! If it wasn't blinking Topaz, I'd like it much more! Going to think about it overnight before making a decision!
    You don't sound blown away so I would return it and buy something else.
    I still haven't found my special piece the black opal didn't work out, then the Glenn Lehrer was chipped :( the search continues!
    Mmmmm good points. I actually like the high setting so that's not a problem. I have a horrible feeling that the garnet/aqua or peridot will be much higher in price. I have two superb rhodolites that I couldn't beat for quality so they won't bother me. Aqua's have to be navy blue with no grey (and they're rare - I'm just about to buy one that I've been looking at for a few months) and peridot, well, peridot is peridot and I never wear mine so wouldn't be tempted! Also, I'm in Turkey at the end of May so will probably miss the show and anything that's good!

    The cut will annoy me I think. It's more exagerated in the photos because they're highly magnified BUT I know it's there. I'm appalled that you are buying for the cut and then it's wonky! Either QC needs a kick up the arse or Glenn Lehrer had his head to one side when he cut this one! At least from the top it's almost symmetrical! I just CAN'T get away from the fact that it's £300!
    Very very weird! lol

    Have just posted photos of my Glenn Lehrer ring - what do you think?
    You're NOT going to believe it - my birthday is 19th April! What a coincidence!!! They should be here either tomorrow or the day after - delayed it to add to the basket and have blinking well forgotton - will phone them now to combine if it's not too late! lol
    Think I've got the hang of this messaging thingy now! If you're anything like me, you'll go through prams like there's no tomorrow! I found the lightest ones with wheels that turned all around were the most manouverable! I can't remember the name of them now but they came in pink, orange, blue etc. Really funky. Not good for babies though because they need to lie down but better for when they're a few months old! Don't worry about your body, it's amazing how quickly it springs back (with the exception of a tummy hangover which unfortunately most people are left with :(

    Take care, Meesh xxx
    Just to make you laugh ....... I took hubby shopping before Katya was born to buy clothes for her and I picked up one babygro and a few vests etc and he said "ok, that's it then"! Errrrrrrrrrrrr, no, that'll be for the first few hours! lol

    Enjoy the next few weeks - it's such a special time.

    M xxx
    It's worth it in the end to be able to hold a little human being in your arms! The first smile, the first crawl, it's just yummy! Don't be surprised if going out for the first few months feels like a military operation - you have no idea how your designer handbag just doesn't cut it! You've got to find space for bottles (if you're using them), nappies - tons of those!, wipes (essential and you can't have too many of these), a clean set of clothes, a dummy (or two if you decide to use them) etc etc!

    BTW once the teeth start coming through, get down to Boots pronto and buy "Ashton and Pearsons Teething Powder". Think it's called that - it's a homeopathic teething powder that comes in individual wraps like drugs but OMG they are superb! Everybody I've recommended them to has never looked back!
    I hope this works as have done it another way this time! I agree about amethyst and also topaz - neither are top of my list for gemstones! I have quite a number of large amethyst which is why I was thinking that the topaz might be good as I don't have any (no surprise there lol)!
    One thing I want to share with you is that nearly every pregnant lady when it comes to the day of birth is scared and terrified. I remember saying to my husband that I've had enough now, don't want a baby and would like to go home. Errr, clearly that didn't happen! I know it's very easy to say but try to take deep breaths and relax as much as you can. If it were that bad/that dangerous, ladies wouldn't have babies in rice paddy fields! Epidurals are the bees knees! They gave me one right at the end of labour (because mine was so quick and they hadn't realised that I was that far gone) and the pains went instantly. They were saying push and I was thinking how can I push when I can't feel anything! lol
    Hi Dawn

    I have no idea whether I've done it right this time or not - I'm pants with this sort of thing!

    How did you know what was going to be on tonight's show? I have no idea how you do it!!! Did you see the sky blue topaz design in the same ring as we both like? I'm torn now as to which is nicer! The Amethyst at £349 or the Sky Blue at £299 - what do you think?

    Sorry to hear about your fear of childbirth. I've never heard of that before. Well, with a C-section you really won't know about it. Are they going to knock you out completely or will you have an epidural? I have to tell you that an epidural is amazing as you don't feel a thing! lol

    Don't worry about your age - I was 40 when I had Katya. Thankfully I'm told I don't look my age so there haven't been any embarrassing moments lol.

    Sending you hugs and lots of relaxing fairy dust.

    M xxx
    £349 or Amethyst is a bit eeeeeeek! Like you said though, the cut has to be phenomenal otherwise I'll be sending mine back! lol The Amethyst did look very good quality on screen but I was so distracted trying to check the bugger out that I missed most of it lol

    Oh wow, you're having a baby? Very very very many congratulations. Do you know whether you're having a boy or girl? Unfortunately nappies, wipes, babygros and goodness what else will take priority for a bit! My daughter is like a walking cash machine! As fast as I buy her new clothes she grows out of them. The other day she came downstairs in a pair of school trousers that honestly were 3/4 length - how embarrasing! You've got all this to come lol!

    I'm not keen on natural topaz but it does command higher prices than the irradiated stuff. There's a guy in Oz who cuts quite a lot of it - some of the blue is very pretty although pale.

    Michele x
    Hi Dawn

    It'll be good to compare notes! I have no idea, like you, whether I'll fall in love or wonder why I bothered! The Amethyst looked particularly good quality - I was so busy trying to check it out I missed where they said it was from. The stats say Brazil but I was wondering whether they had said any more. Have you seen the price of the last size 5 on the web! Crikey! You'd have to be bonkers to pay that!!!!

    BTW have you found an opal yet?

    M xxx
    Hi Dawn

    Thanks so much for this. Embarrasingly, one of the managers has emailed me and they've "found" one! Was it £349????? I can't remember! Anyway, I should get it later this week. Have you seen any of the Glenn Lehrer before in real life? I'm intrigued to know what it looks like. I don't like concave cutting generally so I'm hoping it's not like that. I was a bit disappointed that there seemed to be a ton of citrine and not much else! I thought that they'd be more garnets etc. Hopefully we'll both love our rings. Please PM me and let me know what you think when you get it won't you?

    M xxx
    Oh Dawn thank you! You ALWAYS remember and I am so crap with dates!!!!!

    Hope you had a good day too and were spoilt rotten!

    Meesh xxx
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