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    Hey Kathleen - thanks, lovey! Have a great Xmas, and all the very best to you and yours for 2012.
    Hi Gemma thank you for the message, I wish you the same. We still keep liking the same posts don't we. We went to see 2 of my children and their families yesterday. It was lovely but tiring, 200 plus mile round trip, not doing a lot today.
    Thank you Kathleen,and very best wishes to you for christmas and the new year.
    Will be off to florida on tuesday,but will still be looking at forum for any gossip.
    Regards Lynn
    Hi Gemma :hi:

    thankyou for your good wishes hon. :flower:The Monsters and Moi send them back to you and yours too, have a fab Xmas and All The Best for 2012.

    Sue, Lily and Harvey xxx

    HI again ,I've just read your previous message again and see that your name is Kathleen,sorry, my birth sign is Capricorn.
    Hi Gemma, Yes I would love you to add me as a friend. I haven't got any friends on here yet aaah!!
    Can I add you as a friend, I don't know how to do it though. love Bobbie x
    Hi Bobbie. How exciting, my first message! This Forum makes me laugh out loud a lot of the time and yes, I guess we have the same outlook on life- very cynical! My birth sign is Cancer. Regards, Kathleen aka Gemma 1
    Hi Gemma, You and I seem to have the same likes and dislikes. Every time I go to press the like button you've beaten me to it. lol. You're not a Capricorn are you? Regards Bobbie aka Babytoes
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