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    Hi Nic,
    Not seen you around in ages, and I haven't been about much of late, so it's hard to know whether I've missed your posts somewhere along the way.
    Hope you have a wonderful christmas and wish you only good things for 2010.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Very long time since we last saw you Nic, I hope you are happy and busy but please just let us know you are ok... love Nessa, aka Basket Case
    Hi GQA, just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear of your family problems, but it's lovely to see you back on the forum. I hope things work out well for you all. xx

    Hi, I've not been around much and notice that you haven't either. I just wanted to wish you well.
    Love Aries. x x x
    Nice to see you back GQA, have been thinking of you. Hope you and your family had a peaceful Christmas xxx
    Hi Nichola,
    I'm so happy to hear from you. I was absent from the forum for a while and noticed you weren't around much when I got back, and I was a bit worried.
    Hope you managed to have a good Christmas and new year in spite of all the awfulness surrounding the court case. I was saddened that justice wasn't served in the best way it could have been, but hope very much that you feel that you have done all you can for your Dad.
    I mustn't have been good either cos I certainly didn't get a hunk in my stocking - I'm still stuck with this eejit!
    I wish you only good things in 2009.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thank you Nichola
    Hope you are well, havent seen you posting much lately?
    Happy New Year xx

    all the best for 2009 sweetie - hope it brings you all you wish for xx

    Hi Nich,wishing a terrific 2009 for you & the family.Hope it's a good one,love Margaret xxx

    Hi Nichola
    Thanks so much for your lovely card. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
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