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  • Hi, I've not been on the forum much recently so I'm just calling in and hope you are well.
    Love Aries. x x x
    Hi GJ,hope you & your family have a very happy & healthy 2009,love Margaret xxx

    Hi GJ

    I tried Prostrong as well, found it was useless.

    If you are into your nails (I started last Christmas lol), it might be worth trying a couple of China Glaze polishes as well (Sallys here & USA sell them, also on ebay US - someone sells them buy 2 get 1 free, but you pay p&p on them all). China Glaze have a nail strengthener in them, which I think may be helpful as well.

    Also found it useful to cut nails rather than file them even when using a glass nailfile, I am sure filing seems to split them. Invested in a pair of Tweezerman scissors, as they cut nails well, rather than 'squeeze' them which bluntish scissors seem to do.

    Also if you go to makeuplley.com there is a nailboard forum on there. The people there are really helpful for tips relating to all things fingernails & toosties.

    Hope this is helpful
    Course I remember you! I haven't rushed to do my friends yet, either, it was a bit mad last time when the friends page was new and no one knew what they were doing! lol x x x
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