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  • Thank you so much Julie for the lovely message, you are a very kind lady. You have been so generous helping Pussycat lodge and St Francis Hospice. Andie xxx
    Merry Christmas to you & the family,Julie
    Hope you have a lovely day xxxxxx

    Sounds as though you had a fab birthday,Julie.
    Well done & hope you & the family are all well xx
    A very happy birthday Julie.Hope you have a fantastic day.
    Any plans?
    Love Margaret xxx
    LMAO! Well, what can I say? Following some extensive erm ... delving ... around, I concluded that Santa was killed by mince pie number 9,994,788,399,860,002.
    Thank you Julie, that particular one, was the 'real' one and he was very much loved :).
    Nice of you to find him, xxx.
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