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  • Hello there!! Yes, I had a good day thanks-a day out and a visit to the cinema!! How are you getting on????????? :3:
    Glad you are dating babe. I been on a few but nothing to wet my appitite with, they are nice but there is nothing there for me. Hope things work out peachy for you. xxxxxxxx
    Makes 2 of us missing in action!! I even forgot my footie prediction at the weekend!!! How's things for you?:54:
    Hi Justine,
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Fabulous, Exciting and Happy New Year.....
    Let me know if you get any good replies that you like the look of in your search.....
    Best wishes Love Patsy xxxxxx
    Juzza I just left a little note on the music thread but will write to you on here in case you don't see it until later.
    I didn't mean anything by my comment on there at all, I didn't want you to delete your Josh Groban tracks. :(
    It was actually quite funny because it took me almost a couple of minutes to find out where the lovely music was coming from! :)

    btw I caught up the the BBC3 episode of Heroes last night - Sylar was sooooo ermmmm masterful/powerful - love him, love him, love him! ;)

    Sara x
    I'm muddling along... You are very good at carrot dangling!!! What happens on Myspace, other than looking at bands I've never visited, am I missing much?????? And how are things going with you? I've not been on here much so I don't know if you've posted it, if not you can always reply pm or email.
    Penny x
    Hi Juzza - just dropping you a quick note. For some reason I hadn't seen your avatar before .... mmmmmmm gorgeous! :) (so nice to see Mr Sylar back to his normal ways as well in the programme!)

    Sara x
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