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  • Hi LEL, I was just thinking of posting a new years message to my friends (all 3 of you) when your message popped up. How strange. I would also like to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy new year. :mysmilie_432:
    Ditto LEL, I can't stop laughing, you're cracking me up. All the very best to you too, I hope 2010 is all you would want it to be, Love, heather xxx
    so pleased you pm'd me, I was just going to message you and say that your posts on theJR book thread have made me cry laughing, I can just visualise the whole sorry debacle at QVC towers and was even thinking about the fates of the characters when i was out today!. I love writing, although I cannot do it at the kind of level I really admire. I always seem to go for laughs rather than literature. love Silversequin
    Hi LE Lover, just popped in to say that I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day & got some fab pressies.. Any Liz Earle? Any L'Occitane? Any Thorntons? (the MOST important obviously, lol)...
    Take care.. (I got 2 out of 3 of the above, lol)
    Love Debra x :mysmilie_1766:
    Hi LEL, I have just made two massive pots of soup and I have stamped my feet and refused to buy the parmesan. SIL can provide it herself. See you the other side of christmas. Take care LH XXX
    Hi LEL, I am delighted to be your friend Thank you for asking me. I am not going to wish you merry christmas again as I've done it twice already. I will wish you a happy Chanuka. ( Sorry about spelling I should know how to spell it.)
    In the words of the song..."Thankyou for being my friend". Seems churlish not to be friends when we share a dress! xxx
    Thank you very much for my birthday wishes, that was lovely of you! I'm feeling a bit older but I think I'll live. Hope the studying is going well - mine has been a bit lazy of late! Have a lovely Christmas and thank you again. Janine xxx
    Hi, LEL, I couldn't remember if I sent you a christmas message, I see that I did ,but never mind I'll send another. Merry Christmas to you and your kin. Have a great time. Love LH.
    Thank you so much for your Christmas wishes LE lover! It was a lovely surprise to see a message all for me! I hope that you and your family have a lovely time too. Buon Natale, Almerinda xxxx
    Hi LE Lover, thanks so much for your message :)
    I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas.. & a Very Happy New Year!
    I can't do the picture thing in messages either, lol..
    Best wishes, Debra x
    Thank you - I can't do fancy cards either. I had to have Hubby's help with the secret santa and I'm still not sure how to do it though I'm determined to learn! A very merry Christmas to you too and hope the New Year is full of happiness,
    Love, Heather xxx
    Hi LE Lover, I can't do pictures either. I had to get my son to do my avatar for me.
    I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas too. Lots of love LH.XXXXX
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