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    Alison Keenan

    Nah! Just another version of “Roll up! Roll up!
  2. Loveinamist

    alison cork

    Nutcracker gone! :oops: The Range is fab!
  3. Loveinamist

    Gary Cockerill

    The presentation of the Double Ended Brow Pencil was abysmal.
  4. Loveinamist

    Another shambles

    How come it can go in the microwave when it’s cast iron or stone?
  5. Loveinamist

    Tiffany-style Lighting

    I have piddling little lamps in my bedroom and hall, they throw out strong light. Bought from B&M :love:
  6. Loveinamist

    Lee Hohbein

    Ha! Actually he is very complimentary about this system and he’s the biggest pessimist in the world. “They could have done, should have done, didn’t do!” didn't feature once. :rolleyes::unsure::sleep:
  7. Loveinamist

    gabba gabba gabba

    dive in first with your pics to steal their thunder!
  8. Loveinamist

    gabba gabba gabba

    I thought they divorced. She has remarried.
  9. Loveinamist

    Lee Hohbein

    Not complicated but not 5 mins either. My system has two cameras.
  10. Loveinamist

    Lee Hohbein

    I bought the Blink security system, it’s great but takes longer than 5mins to set up and my ex is an electronic engineer.
  11. Loveinamist

    Diamonique Day TSV 11/09/20

    Yet MOP and pearls are from the sea! Unless it’s the soap element.
  12. Loveinamist

    B Makowsky & Kathy van Zeeland

    Moira C and Joy Horville off The Archers could be twins, both gasbaggers!
  13. Loveinamist

    New Member

    I hear our past beloved pets darting around and have seen animal ghosts since I was 9 along with the human form too.
  14. Loveinamist

    £10,000 necklace but still a fiver for postage

    strato, put that phone down now!
  15. Loveinamist

    Alison Young’s dress

    I don’t think Charlie’s suits have recovered yet!

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