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  • I'm sure Sazza has pleaded with him. She may know his doctor and could contact that way. The fact he is posting these pics is a cry for help but not necessarily he will act on harming himself to a more serious degree. Hope I am wrong. Unfortunately, he may need to totally "break down" before help is given without his consent.
    I am really worried about Graham's mental state, he needs medical help, is there anyone who knows him on the forum who could make him seek help? Maybe someone can take the step to show the pictures to his doctor?
    I am fairly new here, even though I have posted a lot, I only joined this year. I am going to post this same message to some others.
    I just don't want to be a "witness " to something nasty and feel that I have not tried to do something:sad:
    I thought the Harry and Paul show was a bit hit and miss - I loved the Harry Enfield & Friends show in the 90s with Kathy Burke though! LOVED Phoenix Nights, but Peter Kaye's stand up's starting to sound samey. Victoria Wood's great, but I didn't like her last Xmas special :eek:( Re-runs of the Fast Show would be good, as would the Mrs Merton Show - that made me crease up all the time.
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