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    UK Lash TSV 19/08/21

    I hope it works for you!
  2. Nicky-j

    UK Lash TSV 19/08/21

    Years ago I used Revitalash which I loved but, in the end, found too expensive. Since Lockdown I've been wearing less makeup so have noticed that my lashes were a bit 'blah' again. I've been using UKLash for around 6 weeks now and I have to say it's great! This past week my lashes have really...
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    A complete change of career

    I imagine her new vocation has much less unsociable working hours … But it is obviously something she cares about greatly. That's wonderful.
  4. Nicky-j

    Comebacks - what ranges would anyone welcome back?

    You can still get the Zoom Nail Drink/ Nail Eat - here's a link to Amazon...
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    I think I did make that last point myself.
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    Just sticking my head above the parapet to say that I'm just wondering how presenters are supposed to trial things, I'm speaking about skincare, food, and cutting-edge electronics here, and so speak with honesty about recommending them, if they are not given them to try for an extended period? I...
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    Orly TSV 24/2/21

    I use them too. Very reliable. And really quick delivery too!
  8. Nicky-j

    Orly TSV 24/2/21

    Hope it works as well for you as it has for me!
  9. Nicky-j

    Orly TSV 24/2/21

    I LOVE Orly! And the day after my birthday too! I've just spent two weeks exclusively using their Nail Defense - which has done wonders for my formerly dehydrated, peeling nails. The results are so much quicker than Nail Envy or Nailkale and what's more (since you have to wear nothing else on...
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    Gower Cottage Brownies

    I had a peruse on Gower Cottage's own website the other day. It seems that, in common with many foodie producers, their online orders have been manic - and they are having to limit how many orders they can take in a single day. Perhaps that has had an effect on their ability to fulfil QVC orders.
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    Molton Brown TSV 04/10/20

    I reckon this will be an option with the other more obviously feminine fragrances. Then again, with regards shower gels for myself I'm all sorted having nipped in and secured the Muddled Plum/Bizarre Brandy duo last week. I have to admit, I do often use these shower gels (and ones from...
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    New Yankee/Woodwick Candle Items

    Hi, I'm asthmatic and find I'm absolutely fine with most Yankee Candles. But, as with all such things from every brand I've ever tried, I cannot 'do' cinnamon candles, or the very heavy 'night' ones - Midsummer's Night and so on. In my case, it's simply the fragrance that is the issue.
  13. Nicky-j

    Practical Presents TSV 02/10/20

    I'm hoping for a nice autumn/winter/Christmas selection. Preferably the new fragrances etc. What I will be disappointed with is a huge collection of candles, all the same fragrances from 'classic' favourites.
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    Chloe getting married

    Apologies if you were being humorous, but that's a bit of a generalisation …
  15. Nicky-j

    QVC Sale TSV 27/07/20

    That's it! Well done!

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