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  • Hi,

    Oh perhaps we didn't meet then as I was at the morning session. We had Sharon as the model and met Dale and Glen, who was giving his fashion advice! Funny how all the pieces would look great with jeans and a crisp white shirt!

    You probably got our leftover morning buns!

    Dale was lovely, but very thin, he was in full flow with his diet at that point.

    I agree with your thoughts on Charlie. I met him at a Suzi B jewellery event and he was charming - I know they have to be, but he seemed genuinely nice.

    Take care, Twinklette x
    Hi Nicky-j,

    I was just reading that you were invited to the Harrods Diamonique event three years ago. I was at that event too! It's funny isn't it how many of us may well have "met" each other without knowing? I was there with my friend and we really enjoyed it. One of the other ladies on our table won the necklace - it was really weird as when we all sat down she said that she felt she was going to win the raffle and then she did! We also had a lovely chat with Sharon the model, who is really nice and down to earth.

    Anyway just thought I'd say hello.

    Twinklette x
    Hi just popping in hope you have a lovely weekend and the weather stays like this Sue xx
    Hi Nicky-j I hope you dont mind me asking but where adouts in Derbyshire are you from I'm in the High Peak area. I was just reading the thread where you left a comment about sleepers and saw you came from Derbyshire. Sue
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