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    Apatite frenzy - and some other bits...

    OK, moment of truth, here's the biggie! It all started when Rocks TV failed to deliver a couple of apatite rings I wanted as a birthday present. I stalked off to look for alternatives, remembered one of my favourite apatite rings was from tjc, took a look at their website on the offchance...
  2. PearlyQueen

    A few little blinglets!

    I've been very lazy about posting my purchases in recent months (I say lazy, more like busy and exhausted...), but I 've been prodded by a certain Belle so here are my very few Rocks TV purchases: Sweet little grey/blue pearl bracelet, not stretch style. I like the delicate colour and it was...
  3. PearlyQueen

    My last clicks pearls

    I promised the lovely Falguni that I'd post up my bling purchases for the last few months, part one is QVC. It's also the easy option, as I've only had one item! This set of 2 bracelets with garnet chips caught my eye while in a weak moment - I'd had a red/white pearl colour scheme in my head...
  4. PearlyQueen

    How many ways can they mess me about in one order?

    Argh!!!! Due to my ongoing financial issues I've been unable to buy much bling for ages, but I ordered recently and it's all gone Pete Tong! It all started with an attempted return under warranty for an item from my Xmas order - a necklace clasp had detached, cue pearls falling on the bathroom...
  5. PearlyQueen

    Bargain haulage - a bit lemony, a bit cushiony (and all Argey's

    So there I was innocently minding my own business, and suddenly Argey tells us all that there are some great bargains in the Gems clearance section. Like Pavlov's dog, I'm conditioned to respond to the keywords bling and bargain, and off I trotted, to be confronted by some chunky silver...
  6. PearlyQueen

    Gutted - stone fell out

    My lovely apatite bangle has a hole in the middle :( It serves me right for buying too many Rocks goodies I guess, I've only just got round to wearing it for the first time, but I bought it last May, so it's out of warranty. I guess I'll just have to buy a replacement stone and get someone to...
  7. PearlyQueen

    My recent blingy purchases (Xmas bling part 2!)

    I've picked up a couple of goodies recently, so I thought I'd post up some pics to cheer up the blingsters out there! Gorgeous labradorite cluster ring from Last Clicks (item 696874). My first labradorite, so much prettier than I thought it would be! Took a bit of getting this, but it's...
  8. PearlyQueen

    Wanna see my latest bling???

    OK, I admit I haven't been posting much lately - poverty has well and truly struck, so I haven't been buying. But recently I've been dipping in to the forum and I haven't seen anything about shiny new goodies, just a bit of disappointing bickering! Anyway, at Xmas time I did get a lovely...
  9. PearlyQueen

    Online bingo - how tacky

    I've just had an email from Gems pushing an online Bingo company. Not impressed, if iron fairies that look like they've got leprosy weren't bad enough, now I have embarrassing emails about an extremely tacky company coming from them. I never thought of Gems as being this downmarket, but they...
  10. PearlyQueen

    The latest delivery

    This wagon is very difficult to hold on to... Garnet pendant. Very cute, but actually too small for my taste - I clicked before they measured or I never would have gone for it! I don't like these. It was never really going to suit me as a plain strand - I had hoped it might look nice...
  11. PearlyQueen

    banner ad

    Huge banner advert above: "Join Tony as the gives you story behind some gorgeous new arrivals"... Grrrrrr - why would anyone do that??? So much effort on an ad and it's gibberish!!!!!!! If anyone from the company is reading - please change it, it drives me potty! And looks very shoddy and...
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    A wee delivery of blingy goodness

    It's been a while since Gems tempted me in, but I succumbed to these this week: As recommended by Argey! She was right, this sparkles amazingly, especially in spotlight. I've never been a fan of white topaz, I find it makes for rather dull accents, and the one oval solitaire I sent for went...
  13. PearlyQueen

    Brazilian pink topaz?

    Have any of you seen it in real life - or even on telly? I can see from the web pix it's pale, reminds me of kunzite - how far off am I?? Tempted to add one to my order, what with 15% off and all... Thanks!
  14. PearlyQueen

    My apatites

    Well everything finally arrived this week, and here they are. Sadly, although the bracelet is very pretty, it's too long (why don't they give measurements on their web shop???). It's maybe a wee bit delicate for my taste too, but the length has saved me trying to make a tough decision. Love...
  15. PearlyQueen

    More moans about TJC

    Well, here we are nearly 2 weeks later, so what's happening you may ask... OK, I had the card through the door re the "never ordered" ring, which I had redelivered to work today. It's a lovely ring now I've seen it - but where's my other order? Tomorrow makes 10 working days... Their website...

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