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  • Happy Christmas Fi to you and your family, hope you are ok and have a lovely time. Miss all the 'old' posters on here, Love Pam xx

    I'm still not posting Fi but wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

    Love Annie xx
    Hi Fi, you seem to have disappeared :sad: hope things are OK with you. Annie xxx
    Hi Fi,
    i havent been on for a wee while, busy with my new grandaughter. Anyway logged on yest for a wee catch up and discovered that Yo has left the forum, im so sorry she felt the need to do this and she will be very much missed. Could you please pass on my best wishes to her and also send her my love, she really did touch the hearts of many people on this forum, everyone are like extended family.

    Hope you and your family are all well.
    Ellen xx
    Hi Fifi,
    Not about much due to general yuckiness; he's a bugger that general yuckiness and I'm thinking of reporting him to his superiors of which there must be many.
    Don't mind my rambles, I'm a wee bit doolally right now, but as I've mentioned to nessie, I'm keeping the dangerous breeds at bay for now.
    Hope you're okay.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Your friend sounds a lovely person to take the kittens in and carefully home them. There are some cruel B*s in the world, thank goodness your friend found the poor babies. Don't know what I'd do without my furry family to snuggle up to, they are such a comfort. xxx
    Thanks Feefs, I hate doin' 'em. My 'little cherubs' are back next Weds for two days. It's all a bit tits up this year but the weathers beautiful and the trampoline is getting lots of use. How's A doing with his swotting?
    Thanks Fi, have been up and down. Just handed over a stray tom I rescued to a sanctuary and has made me feel worse. It was always Rob that took them for me to hand over and I did the looking after bit, not that he didn't get upset too. He's probably looking down hoping I don't find any more. xxx
    Have you had the jab yet? If not, all the best, my Mum used to swear by half a bottle of vodka and biting on a stick, might help.... xxx N
    The thing is, and it puts me right off, it would be the bloke who perforated my bowel doing the op, and that really doesn't give me much in the way of confidence. I would feel amlost as if I was signing my own death warrant.
    Oh well, heigh ho.
    Must go for a while as I'm a bit on the dizzy side and think I'd better lie down before I fall down. Catch you later maybe, unless you run too fast for me, which is very probable...
    Lot of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Yes, all my work wot I write, though poorly deffo just the thing for future literary greats like wot I deffo am.
    Oh, PS: Forgot to tell you with all the hoohah, I had a difficult night last night, no doubt brought on by the said kerfuffle, and I rang through to Christie's and asked them to find someone on my team, or someone who could read my notes and advise, and they rang back to tell me that it might be an idea to have a temporary colostomy if it is do-able, since I won't have the permanent type, and I'll need to see the bods back at the other hossie, the ones that did the thing in the first place to try to find out whether it's viable, otherwise any future stuff is orff.
    It's the only way, flower, and they'll enjoy Jane Eyre so much more than flippin' Adrian Mole and Bugsy flamin' Malone. Have they watched my play wot I wrote, strike? that'll deffo see them well for their literary futures. deffo.
    No!!!! Aren't I suffering enough? Do you want to see me off altogether? Anyway, at least wait until I've got the radiator and chains sorted.
    Please tell the other cherub, the other fruit of my loins, that I think her work is fabulous. I really love rennie mack designs and she's made a wonderful job of it.

    Yes, I'm afraid that I was quite badly affected and it set me off down good old memory lane, which is, perhaps, not the best place for moi. Never mind.
    you always help, flower, just be being a great friend, so don't fret, I'll be awreet.
    Is that cherub's work in the mackintosh vein? Or the other cherub? Very pretty.
    Don't know why he was being so personal. I meant, ppc had referred to him as a judgemental forum twot long before my posts came on the scene, but he didn't respond to that, he just zoomed right in and kept quoting and mis-quoting me, and I got more and more irritated. I don't think he'd have been banned for what he said, though he should have been. I'm assuming he complained or summat about his posts being removed, and more than likely got arrogant and shirty about that. He was one of those little men, no doubt in every sense of the word, who feels he's vastly superior to any woman and needs to demonstrate that.
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