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  • lol lol lol I said that to my mother aswell. Never Never Never I said. What I would give to tell her face to face she was RIGHT bless. God help my daughter, coz her other nanna has the bug aswell. She is never in and holidays abroad for the winter.
    He definately goes with me and my daughter. I used to poo poo my mother and tell her she was mad that she could holiday at the drop of a hat. I am turning into my mother lol.
    Think so lol . I am going away again in august to bourton on the water, burford and stratford upon avon. 3 days back to back. I think I have gone into overdrive since mum and dad passed away. OH is hoping I come down to earth as the lappy is constantly in holiday mode lol. X Carol. X
    Hi, I have been away last week for a few days and am playing catchup. Only THIS country this time. Windermere and Harrogate. Had a great time as daughter was in France with the school ( while the cat's away and all that). Tell Mr. LilyI think his photo's are fab. Carol. XX
    Awww, I've just spotted it. What a gorgeous puppy! Oh, your MIL has a nice hubby. So cute! xxxxxxx
    Oh, I absolutely love that breed, they are so sweet and beautiful. I bet she's gorgeous. I often see a chap walking his dogs, one of which is a Bichon and he's an elderly waggy trundler who just walks for a few steps and then sits down. He's called Pud and it's so suitable for him. Awwww. xxxxx
    Hi Fiona, Thanks so much for that. Despite 'the wedding' it's been a quiet day with just me and the menagerie tootling about. That Sara's a one, isn't she? What a laugh I had when i saw that this morning! Hilarious! Hope you are having a good weekend. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxx
    Oh Fiona thank you so much!

    I'll pm you my details!

    Love the holiday snaps by the way! I hope that you and your family are keeping well.

    Heather XXXXXX
    Hi Fiona, Thanks for your message and the get well thoughts - much appreciated. I am very happy to report that Gusty Tickletummy is thriving and enjoying his cat food with gusty gusto! He has grown a fair bit already and looks a very fine handsome wee hedgie. He must be very young because he is quite happy to trundle over to me when I go into the garden each evening with some food and water for him; he likes to snuffle around the toes of my shoes and makes a cute little grunty sound; I think he recognises his mummy when she appears. What a darling. Hope you are well and that life is treating you kindly. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxx
    Hi, Pick-a-Lily. I've just had a quick look at your photos. Lovely pictures. The blue of the close up of the peacock is amazing, what a gorgeous colour! :)
    Hi, I am off every wed, thurs and fri. Lucky bu**er am I. I totally agree with you about the photos at Auschwitz. Totally abhorrent. My son was only 18 when he went there (you know what they are like at that age) yet he still felt as if he should respect something he really didn't know what. He obviously knew what went on there. He just said he had a very strange feeling as soon as he got off the coach. If you knew my son you would know that was Mega. Doesn't believe in anything lol.
    Hi PAL, have you settled back into the swing of things. Back at work yet ?? Did you get that eerie feeling when at Auschwitz like my son did ??? I hope Mr. Lily can sort out some photos for us. I am looking forward to them. Carol XX
    Thankyou for you nice comment on my piccys.The dress was a bargain at only £9.99 and reminded me of the styles around when I was a mere girl.LOL
    Welcome back. When you are ready. You will have to tell us all about it. Carol. X
    Thanks PAL, it was certainly busy, and yes, I did get some lovely pressies.
    Hope it's another stone gone I seem to have been away so long.... But it's great to be back. Had serious withdrawal symptoms at first.
    Hope all is well with you, Fiona. It's so sad to have lost your good diet thread. There was a useful cruise thread away in the travel section too. Did you say you are going on a cruise this time? I'm all ears because we could well be heading that way for a variety of reasons. I Know you work really hard and take exotic breaks. With this weather you must be wanting one soon.
    Just dropped in briefly but looking forward to catching up. Thanks for friendship request. Love Brenda
    You go for it love. Just necking a bottle of white myself. Enjoy and unwind. What a bummer yesterday was yuk !! Carol.
    Hi there when you off on your travels ? I thought it was today. Carol. X
    Hi PAL. Thanks for the friends invite. I haven't had much chance to be on-line lately so haven't got round to sorting things out since re-registration. I need to get myself into gear! I hope you have a lovely break.
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