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  • Hi Pammy, thank you for your message. Sorry you haven't got a date for your op yet, expect you just want it to be over & done now. I've had these Gems rings for ages .... I did tell you about them and showed you the pics, honest lol ... Zambian Emerald, Indicolite and a diddy cognac diamond cluster. Remember now? I've been sooo tempted by some of the gold rings on Rocks & co this week & if they'd come in smaller sizes I wouldn't have fallen off the wagon, I would've jumped lol. Yes, I also thought about Klos & Argey when I was writing my post ... there are so many people who regularly posted in the good ol' days who aren't around any more. I do like my ipad mini apart from all the SPAM landing in my inboxes ... thought I'd sorted it but when I switched it on tonight there was loads arghh! Also I've just found out that it won't work in Gran Canaria so my only option is to take my Netbook and hire a dongle so will see how much room I've got in my case ... only 2 wks to wait :sun: A xx
    :hi: .... and a very Happy New Year to you and yours too. Soooo looking forward to going away and escaping from this weather ... the sun was shining for our woofer walk today but it was bitterly cold and we were blown all over the dunes. Have you got a date for your op yet? Rob bought me an Ipad mini so will be able to keep in touch while we're on holiday :happy: Take care. xxxx
    Aww Pammy you poor thing, sounds as though you've had a really rough time and you've still got the op to face. Are you having your gall bladder removed? Hopefully the op will be after Christmas or maybe you'd prefer to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. In the meantime take care and maybe treat yourself to a lovely piece of bling to cheer yourself up. xxxx
    :hi: Pammy, it's such a long time since I've been in touch that it took me ages to remember how to post a message and will probably end up sending it to myself anyway. :giggle:

    Sooooo how are things with you? R and I are fine apart from having a cold for about the last 5 weeks and only now does it seem to be on its way out .... it's been a stinker! Can you believe that Fr is four now and Fl is two? They are great little dogs, full of fun and are always keen to go to the beach even on the coldest and wettest of days and we've had plenty of those this year. I haven't bought anything sparkly for absolutely ages and only watch Gems occasionally on my pooter with the sound on mute. Shame but I suppose all good things have to come to an end and we were lucky to be part of the good times. I spoke to OMF last night and despite everything she was in fine form and we had a good giggle as we put the world right.

    Okies, almost time to get wrapped up and take the woofers out. Take care. xxx
    Good to hear someone is keeping the bling channels afloat lol. I'm only being good because there hasn't been anything to remotely tempt be for ages ... I need some different gemstones and/or more interesting designs to do that.

    Yes, we're off to Cornwall next weekend ... flying to Newquay, picking up a hire car and then driving on down to Sennen. Fingers crossed the weather is ok. We've actually got blue skies and sunshine this afternoon which is a total surprise after the forecast but more than welcome. When are you off again?

    Awww what a shame about your ring, wonder if yours was a duff one or if they were all poor quality. Have you ever tried using DSR when sending things back? I haven't but P said she thought she had in the past.

    Yes, I have read the Gems thread but am not sure how they can change much because most complaints relate to presenters and presentations.

    I always watch Gems on my pooter with the sound on mute for the very reason you mentioned. xxx
    Oooooh I haven't seen that design before, Pammy .... it looks really lovely and a substantial goldweight too. M'thinks you got yourself a bit of a bargain there :clapping: xxx
    :hi: Good grief what a price! I would expect it to be set with better quality diamonds for that sort of dosh. Makes the one I bought look an absolute bargain. Now then, what have you got to confess this time? :giggle: Have to admit I've been tempted by a few rings on Rocks & co website recently so it's just as well they don't came in smaller sizes. xxx
    :mysmilie_514: :mysmilie_514: you little tinker, I'm staying put on this ol' wagon but thank you for thinking about me. :nod: Were you pleased with your eek purchases?

    It is absolutely glorious again today ... hope it's here to stay for a while longer. R and I ambled slowly along the beach this morning enjoying the sunshine while the woofers took turns to fetch the ball. Perfect!

    P is in America at the mo visiting her son but said to tell you that if you want any 'good' beading sites just drop her an email.

    A xxxx
    :hi: just back from a very chilly walk on the beach with the woofers ... still needed my hat and gloves on May 7th:mysmilie_503:

    I have got a few 14K YG 'eek' rings :giggle: that I bought years ago and a couple of pairs of stud earrings so don't you try and encourage me to join you in your naughty ways. I'm very comfortable on this ol' wagon; I've got a lovely new plumped up cushion for my btm and I've pinched yours for my head so I'll just keep rolling along thank you very much. :grin: xxx
    No probs, didn't think it was like you.

    Hope C has put hats, scarves, gloves in the car too because it's been freezing today and the forecast is dreadful.

    Shame about the ring but I really do think you did the right thing letting it drop out of your basket. xxx
    :hi: Not that it's any of my business really, but it doesn't seem like you. I was reading the Diamonique Day thread and under someone's post on page 2 you'd clicked on 'disliked this post' and just in case it was a mistake I thought I'd tell you so you can change it. xxx
    :hi: again,

    It is a lovely ring but I just couldn't get past not liking the shade of pink. I did see it auctioned and it looked much deeper on screen and at £299 less my £50 credit it was a pretty good deal. If I remember rightly PPC sent for loads and sent loads back until she found her perfect colour.

    I adore Indicolite and have two rings as you probably remember. I also have an Ethiopian Opal ring which I don't like too much but it was a bargain price so kept it.

    You asked me what I think about the ring in your basket and I'm sorry to say but I'm not too keen. Ethiopian Opals can be very yellow/orange and I'm not convinced the combination will work. Had it been an Australian Opal with flashes of blues and greens I think it would've worked perfectly with the Indicolite and been stunning. Sorry! I could be totally wrong and you may love it when it arrives, I do hope so and then I'll eat humble pie.

    :hi: Was just going to send you a message because ...... I may have fallen off the wagon :blush:

    Yes, I'm still in regular contact ... usually a couple of texts every day and a weekly chat on the phone.

    Think you did the right thing to send the Tanzy ring back. Did you see the prices of the rings on Q yesterday? :mysmilie_854:

    A xxx
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