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  • Hi Sapphire Blue, have just been admiring your pics on the TJC forum, your replacement emerald is a wonderful colour and great clarity. Hope you have a splendid time on your special occasion with such a stunning suite of jewellery.

    I enjoyed wearing some of my better pieces on our recent cruise. Think I mentioned last year we were trying out Celebrity cruises for the first time. Had a great time on the Eclipse sailing to the Italian Med from S'Hampton. Have you any cruises booked for this year?
    Best wishes
    Pamela x
    Hi Sapphireblue

    Thanks for your reply on the TJC forum. I asked if you'd been to St Thomas, as it was so chock full of jewellery stores, never seen so many one one place! All for the duty free American market I expect....though its a few years since we visited that location.

    I was interested to learn which ship you were on as they all seem to have nice jewellery stores...some bigger than others. We've tried a number of cruise lines but not Celebrity as yet, but its on my to-do list. Lol So it was interesting to hear your take on the going prices and also the gem weights seem very generous.

    Hope you had excellent weather on your cruise and had a very relaxing time.


    Hi Sapphireblue
    Thank you for your lovely message. I'll certainly pass on your thanks to Meeshoo.
    Anne x
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