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  • love yr Xmas avatar Sara!
    Thanks for the wishes.
    sending you hugs for Lien. please give her a cuddle from this total stranger!
    Sam xxxx
    Hi Sara,
    So sorry to hear that Lien's health problem is ongoing, I really hope she is much better very soon.
    As to the Italian, give him time, give him time...


    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card, Sara. Best wishes to you and your family.

    Hi Sara

    Many thanks for your Christmas wishes. Hope you and your family have a wonderful one too and that 2010 will bring you good health and happiness.

    Chris xxx
    Merry Christmas Sara, hope you all have a lovely time, Paula xx
    Merry Christmas Sara to you and your family.
    Hope you have a lovely time.
    Take care
    T xx
    Oh I'm sorry to hear she's still poorly. They're such a worry aren't they? I hope she's soon on the mend and looking forward to Christmas. Take care of yourself too, won't you? xxx Nessie
    Love my beautiful Star sara, thanks so much, hope you have a wonderful Christmas & healthy and happy new year. xx
    Awww thanks Sara that's beautiful, wish you and your family a very merry christmas and a happy new year. x
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