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  • Happy New Year sunshine, hope OH is feeling better, my experience of Bali consisted mainly of admiring the back of a toilet door too! Not nice.
    Thanks Sunshine for starting the thread about United - I haven't replied on it yet because it's a superstitious thing!!!!! ;)

    Sara x
    Happy xmas to you. Been trying to upload cards but hopeless at it.Going to try and master for next week.Hope you had a lovely time. Didint feel like xmas here but had a nice day and a big hangover which is bad for me as I dont usually drink. Think it was just the fact not at home. So hot today been out sunbathing.Sitiing with curtains drawn to keep heat
    Hi, is it just a card you want to upload, or also pictures?
    If it's the latter, then I've just posted a thread about it.

    If it's a card, then when you've made the card on a website and you have it 'playing' on your screen, copy the address at the top of the webpage and paste it on here, in the little icon that looks like a blue globe, with a chain (insert link icon). Hope this makes sense, I'm off to bed.

    Take care :).
    Dear Sunshine,

    Click on the bauble :).

    Hi Janet,

    Was just wondering how you were the other day.
    I am so sorry you've had such a horrific experience! :eek:
    Glad you're out of there now and I think you'll like KL.
    We were there for a couple of days last winter, when we did our tour of part of Asia, and I liked it very much.
    It's a bit like Singapore, it's less posh, but I preferred that :). And like your Hubby says a lot cheaper, I liked that too :D.

    Of course when you live somewhere is when you really get to experience it, so I'll be interested to hear how you get on!

    After the horrific experience you've had things can only get better!

    Please let me know how you get on, hope you'll enjoy it there, good luck ((hug)).

    Marion, xxx
    Hi Janet,

    Glad you're enjoying Singapore and so sorry about your experiences in India.
    Things are always different when you live somewhere, compared to when you're just a tourist aren't they? People's attitudes can change at the drop of a hat when they find out you actually live there. Well, apart from in they UK obviously.
    I hope your OH finds a solution, so that you won't have to stay in India too long, as nothing is worse than being unhappy where you are.

    We were in Singapore in November and I loved it too. We were only there for 4 days or so on a trip through the Far East. Partly business for my OH.

    I was shocked at the prices too, but we have a nose for finding reasonable things...although apart from some little Buddha figurines I don't think I bought

    I am sure you can find your way around or ask people, but if you want any info about where to get things, I can always ask my friend there.

    As for piling on the pounds, you and me

    Take care, enjoy yourself and speak soon! :)

    Marion, xxx
    Hi Sunshine, How is life treating you in Singapore?
    We spoke about this last year, I think it was. How long have you been there now, have you settled in well? :)

    Take care,
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