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  • Good result last night hey? Only managed to watch the first half, hopefully it will be shown again later today.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Hiya Twinkle! Sorry I didn't get back to you about the Xen-Tan but I now I've actually used it, I can honestly say it's fantastic! It's so easy to apply and I got a lovely dark and very natural looking tan. I'm off to warmer climes in a couple of weeks and as I can never get my legs to tan the same as the rest of my body, I'm taking it with me so I can use it on my legs. I'll be using it on my face as well because I don't like too much on it as I've enough wrinkles as it is! I always put on F30 sun screen, a baseball cap and huge sunnies, so Xen Tan will 'even me up'! Thanks for your message and I hope you have a great weekend too!
    Sheila xxx
    Not sure if I'll be watching tonight all depends on OH. No doubt I'll catch the replay in the morning before I go into work. I must confess that I've really enjoyed watching the league this season. Fingers crossed for the right result.

    Hi Twinkle,

    Hope you are ok yourself and ready for the weekend. Are you going out or doing anything exciting?

    I've been attempting to do a bit of a clear out in our bedroom. I've thrown out some rubbish clothes and have a big bag of Eva's clothes, books and bits and pieces for the charity shop. I'm trying to find some space for all of my books and papers for next year and it's a hateful job!

    Not long now...........................until the Liz Earle TSV. I've told BusyLizzie that I'm working out some new bantering strategies. You have been warned!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Love s xxx
    Hi Twinkle,
    Back to uni in two weeks so that means I can waste time for another wee while and I am having fun.

    Liz Earle......hehe. It's on Oct 4th, so that gives us plenty of time to find new ways to tease each other!

    I hope you'll be around a bit more too- I'm off to meet Tootsie, Jabba, Donna255 and two others fron NI tomorrow so I'll report back on that!

    Have a good day,
    Love Sharon xxx
    Hi Twinkle

    Getting excited about the game on Saturday? Am I right that it starts at 1pm? Will have to set up the recorder.

    Did you watch Castleford Tigers the other day? What a result.

    What do you predict the result will be on Saturday?

    Take care
    Hi Twinkle,
    We had a lovely time thanks- apart from the weather, but that's the norm in the UK, isn't it?
    Liz Earle again? Hmmm.......just called out to you, did it? You know you don't have to be buying it to join in all the forum fun and teasing at TSV time!
    My older girl did ok in her A levels- enough to go to Bolton and study Youth Work but she wants to defer for a year. I don't mind as long as she does something useful and brings in a bit of cash.
    I'm off to meet a friend for coffee and then to do the dreaded weekly shop....yuk!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Love Sharon xxoxx
    Hi Twinkle

    Two weeks to the big day. I'll have to record the match as I'm going to see Tigers play Western Force. Let's hope it's a great day for both our teams.

    Have a good weekend.

    Oh Twinkle....saw them and thought they were really good value. Hope they come soon. In Glasgow atm and it it tipping it down....just like at home, hehe.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Love Sharon xx
    It's back to good old-fashioned tea lights here. Haven't been refunded yet but I had lost all the original packaging/ and had to write a cover note. Think that takes longer to process.
    I'm starting to gather things up for the holiday and will be seriously annoyed if anybody gets clean clothes dirty. All that stuff falls to me, but I expect it's the same for most people. Even though we are only going to Scotland the airlines insist on passports and I'm terrified we'll forget them.

    Enjoy week two of your break- have you anything planned?

    Love Sharon xxoxx
    Hi Twinkle

    Great result again. I'll be watching next week on Sky Sports. I've just realised that we are both Capricorn's, two things we share. Was going to say have in common but we ain't common are we?

    Have a great week.

    I had to send my warmer back as there was a funny plasticky smell when I turned it on. Have asked for a refund, including p&p. It's a shame, as I thought it was very safe.
    Love S xxoxx
    Hello Twinkle,
    I'm behaving- are you? Hope you are enjoying your hols and I hate this weather too. High humidity is very draining.
    I bought a couple of bits of jewellery in the sale but I intend to send some back (probably!). Unfortunately, I started to get into Philosophy so there's another expensive addiction!!
    A package of Darlene's tarts has just arrived! Yippee! Much longer lasting than Yankee. Have you used them?
    Enjoy your weekend and I think you should get your feet up and rest in this heat.
    Lots of love
    Sharon xxoxx
    Hi Twinkle,
    Hope you are enjoying your break. What a shame you can't get to Wembley but I'd forgotten adout the dog.
    We are just off to stay with our son in Glasgow next Wednesday for the week. I've not seen his flat yet so looking forward to it. Don't think he'll lend me his laptop to keep up with the forum though!
    I'm watching the Jewellery clearance but will try very hard not to spend!
    Talk later
    Love Sharon xxoxx

    (Sent this to myself again- will I ever learn?)
    Good game yesterday Twinkle. Booked your seats yet!! I've really enjoyed watching the league games this season. Come on the Saints.

    Good result in the RL Twinkle. Bet you're pleased. Will you be off to Wembly then?
    Having a lovely QVC-less day, but on here way too much as usual. Now, don't over-do the celebrating tonight!
    Love Sharon xxoxx
    Well, Twinkle,
    It's not too difficult to stay away from QVC today- what tat! I don't craft either, so that's 2 days in a row without QVC! If I could stay off here I may be able to achieve something worthwhile today. Hehehe.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    (Dazzler directed me to photobucket to find these messages. I hope it works!)
    Love Sharon xxoxx
    Will get out the atlas! My son and his girlfriend went to the Isle of Bute on Sunday and I had to Google it. Believe it or not, I have Geog 'O' Level and I don't think UK has changed since 1975!!
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