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I'm probably going to be unpopular now but you're not allowed to criticise anything on the JewelleryMaker facebook page and I need to vent!!!! My lord, this birthday marathon production makes Ideal World look professional in comparison! The screeching, "singing", ego massaging and fake surprise at prices etc are just too much. Bring back Lucy and Fee -- ssssoooooooooooooooooooooooon! I love the concept of this channel but over the last few months, unless Jenny or Charlie are on, it's just become a showcase for certain presenters to the detriment of the designers and the gemstones, I know the logical answer is to switch off, and I do so more and more, but I miss what it used to be.


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I usually watch with the sound down - I just have it on my laptop while I am doing other things.... and I am not looking forward to Fee and Lucy returning either. I can't be doing with baby talk. So that'll be me with the sound down most of the time.
Actually I used to really enjoy watching some of the presenters but they have become a bit of a parody of themselves.

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