Cup of chance


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Don't they do cup of chance anymore?? I don't watch much but noticed no cup of chance. I was wondering if it had anything to do with social distancing???

pyjama princess

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They haven't done it for quite some time. Some of the presenters (The Loves and Nigel) will do a drawer for a card on their own social media.


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It stopped around the time, the new owners come in, it Went from every hour, to giving a card out on launch and last chance.

Now it’s just a few of them, The Loves, Nigel and Dan do a lot of cards on there Facebook page, Dave Bradford and Matt once in a blue moan.

I guess the Loves, Nigel and Dan have been on the station so long, it’s just what they know


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it was so called stopped, when the Electronic Cameras came, not so many crew members so they didn’t have time to fill the cup.

its only certain guests they ask also, maybe some of the guests werent happy about them being sent out, but if not sent out , Guess they get binned

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