Dashlane - password manager for iPhone/iPad/Android and PC/Mac


In an Ideal World ...
Been using this for a week now and think it is fantastic. If you want it for just one device it is free and if you pay £20 a year it syncs with other devices and you can download it for your PC and or Mac.

You create one master password then when you log on that it generates a random password for you which you can then copy and change it on the forum/game/social network. It then invites you to save it in your password safe if it is a website it opens it automatically for you and if it is a game or something that can't be opened by a link it lets you use the clipboard to copy the hidden generated password for you to paste


If anyone fancies it let me know if you have any questions


PS I am nothing to do with the makers and don't get paid for anyone downloading, just think password security is crucial and love to help :)