Did you also order the 200 pairs of posts and butterflies on 2 July 2014???


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Did you also order the 200 pairs of posts and butterflies and then receive a call from JM to say they had made a mistake and it was only 100??? And that you can keep them at the £14.95 or return them for a refund.

As they said on TV they normal sell them for £12.95 for 100...therefore if you said yes you would be paying £2 more than normal for them!!

Can I recommend you phone Trading Standards and report this as I have been advised that what they have done is a potential criminal offence because of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008. When phoning Trading Standards you will find it is now an 0845...and they take a long time to answer you!!! I get free calls to landlines so I phone the Worcestershire one...well JM is in Worcester...ring on 01905 822799 and when if they tell you to ring the CAB ask them to put you through. One call saved me 30 mins at 3p and the other they answered quite quickly.... hang in there JM are in the wrong.

I was also told by JM that Ofcom had approved their action of remedy....I spoke to Ofcom who stated it was nothing to do with them....so I have reported JM for using Ofcom to try to validate and give authority to their actions.

I am taking this route because after telephoning Customer Services at JM yesterday at around 5pm and being told Management would telephone me about this matter...I have yet to hear from them.

And finally..two other JM customers have actually received their 200 pairs of posts and butterflies!!