Ditch the candles, buy the bath bombs .


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Yes, according to the complaints from a small group of customers on Gems facebook page, gems are now selling bath bombs. Presumably the bombs are stuffed with gemstones or maybe they look like christmas tree baubles and have gemstones hanging underneath the bath bombs, anyone know, well i dont and apparently some of the customers are telling them not to go down the tjc tat route and its all wearing a bit thin. Gems on the other hand are saying, well our perfumes and candles have proved a great hit with our customers, so presumably they will carry on regardless.


Yes, I saw that FB post and a curt reply from Gems. Mind you, the tone of the original post could have been better. (And there's started to be repeated whingeing about lack of white gold designs from the "I only wear white metal brigade". Well, in case you hadn't noticed, Gems have slashed their yellow gold weights & increased the prices. If you're a white gold fanatic you should know it costs more to produce. Now put two and two together, don't be a Gems Groupie and look elsewhere!!!)

As to the bath bombs, I saw a promo and, yes, there is an agate/jasper in the centre. Goodness knows what the posting will be when someone takes a bubble bath with a bomb, forgets and slips on the stone at the bottom of the tub. To be honest, there is a continuity at Gems with their Homewares. Harder to see it at TJC with teeth whitening products.

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