For A Girls Playroom!!!


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Stratto you should have done a Miss Sri Lanka who last week had the crown grabbed off her head on the stage by a contestant because she said she was a divorcee.
Mrs World (?) & the woman who helped her have been arrested. The whole episode was bizarre, including the part after they had 'crowned' the runner up & the woman who helped snatch the crown appeared to give her a very passionate kiss.
I was one of The Queens housemaids on a casual basis, one day a week, for about 14 years, two weeks before Christmas 2019 my position and that of two other long serving ladies was removed and put out to agency staff, no notice no redundancy, just a 'your services are no longer required' letter left on a table for us to find.

So good domestic staff are out there but it's cheaper to hire agency staff.
Have you heard the announcement that D of Edinburgh has passed away?


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I just remembered something my late father told me about the DofE.

Dad was ploughing a field one day and Prince Philip was on the lane next to the field practicing his carriage driving.

He stopped and said to dad 'you can't speak to your tractor like I speak to my horses'.

'No' my dad replied 'but I can leave my tractor here, go home for my dinner and it will still be here when I come back, can you say that about your horses?'

Apparently The Duke roared with laughter and trotted off.


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He had his critics but you can only have praise and admiration for his lifetime of loyalty and service. My heart goes out to the Queen and her family at this very difficult time.


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I hope Mr and Mrs Sussex are feeling thoroughly ashamed of themselves, they knew how ill he was and how much The Queen and the rest of the family were worried about him, but they went ahead with the interview and the lies anyway which they knew would distress them all even if the DofE was in good health...and now this has happened.

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